Friday, June 02, 2006

Everything Is Wrong With Me

While most of the ratings for Jason Mulgrew’s Everything is Wrong With Me were positive, most of the comments were somewhat negative. Tread lightly.

“I get the feeling this used to be a great blog and the guy just doesn’t care anymore. He’s been doing it for a long time and has plenty of other irons in the fire right now, so I don’t blame him. Still, there’s no reason this should be one of the most popular blogs on the Internet anymore.”

“This site does have it’s witty moments, but it just seems like he's hungover all the time. It was funny the first couple times, but it just borders on lame after a little bit. This blog, however, seems to represent Generation Y very well: intelligent, witty, but a little lazy, self-indulgent and undisciplined.”

“It's funny and I like his stories, but sometimes I have to be in a certain mood to read him. Otherwise I could really care less.”

“Anything that can make me literally laugh out loud rates rather high for me. This line alone did it: ‘My balls basically stew for ten hours a day like two grapes in a hot bowl of oatmeal.’”

“Not particularly interesting to me. While it seems to be mainly posts about his general life, which is the content of many blogs I like, he does not write it in a particularly captivating way. Add in the bazillion references to drinking and porn, and I became quickly disinterested. Also he has a tendency to ramble, which would be okay if he was interesting.”

“I like this shit. Jason reminds me of my cousin who lives in Grandma’s basement.”

DESIGN – 7.3
“Needs a different template. Too blah looking.”

“Nothing spectacular, but clean and nice. Easy on the eyes and nothing too scary to take in.”

“Straightforward, no-frills.”

“Boring but clean. There are a lot of links in the sidebar but I didn't find them to be distracting or annoying; they were easy to ignore.”

“The guy knows how to write, for sure.”

“I didn't notice any huge problems worth mentioning, but I felt that the writing was far from extraordinary.”

“The guy's been blogging for a long time. Anyone with a blog going back to 2004 is considered a veteran in my book.”

“I had to take one point off for the long posts, one point for the donation box, and one for the book deal/tv deal/ego trip crap in the sidebar.”

“I liked the fact there were no ads. It had a pretty clean look to it without being overly corporate. The blog didn't really do much for me though.”

“Jason Mulgrew posts about three times a week.”

“I would read it regularly if I could remember. It's one of those blogs where you're sitting around one day and think, ‘Oh hey, I wonder what Jason has been up to these days,’ and then read it straight for six hours.”

“Perhaps. However, most of the blogs I read lately are rather amusing, yet the authors all have some type of problem or another where they all are on antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds, and well, that makes me depressed and anxious.”

OVERALL – 79.9
Everything Is Wrong With Me ended up being one our top-reviewed blogs, even though most of the comments were just little toxic.

“He seems to have an obsession with alcohol, porn, and his private parts. Did my husband write this blog? Maybe I'm a prude, or oversensitive to that kind of thing. I didn't find that it added anything to the blog. In fact it was a turnoff for me.”

“I’d like to party with that dude sometime.”


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