Wednesday, April 19, 2006

-- About BlogLaughs --

While featuring the best individual blog posts of 2005, Mr. Snitch made a very cogent point about blog contests.

"Many outstanding blog authors don't have the time to cultivate an audience," he said. "Or, if they do, they may not want to harass their readers into casting votes for them day after day. For many reasons, the larger blog awards leave many excellent blogs and blog posts unheralded."

BlogLaughs hopes to help readers discover some of these excellent blogs.

Searching for the most humorous blogs on the Internet is a daunting task. However, we hope our critical reviews will be considered objective.

Since "humor" is very subjective, we hope our reviewers will provide enough information for you to make your own judgment about a particular site.

Blogs will be reviewed on several criteria, including humor content, posting frequency, design, graphic elements, grammar, advertisements, and many other areas.

Some reviewers will have particular pet peeves, but no reviews will be the opinion of just one person. The moderator of this site is a magazine editor with more than 16 years of journalism experience, but each review will be culled from the opinions of more than 50 experienced bloggers.

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