Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Citizen of the Month

After our last review, we’re a bit gun-shy about taking on blogs written by nice people with a loyal following.

Neil Kramer’s Citizen of the Month garnered the fifth-highest rating we’ve awarded here at BlogLaughs, but we are convinced his faithful minions will still want to string us up while the Monkey-followers continue to pepper us with feces.

“Brilliant, brilliant blog. Neil has a unique sense of humor and never fails to deliver the funny.”

“Posts are tongue-in-cheek and give humorous commentary on current events and personal anecdotes. A good mix. Some posts do ramble on a little too long to stay witty.”

“Original; loved ‘A Story for my younger readers.’”

“I like Neil. He's an affable enough person, enjoyable to read, and he seems like a real mensch. I will give him bonus points for being a Jew. I loved his yenta matchmaking post ... and his camera post was hysterical. He doesn't seem like he is trying to make you laugh. He just does.”

Neil and his penis are quite entertaining. Not that I laughed out loud reading every post, but I chuckled. I did feel as if I was reading an English professor's blog at times, but, at least this guy knows how to spell, or, use spell check and the proper way to punctuate, and use paragraphs.”

“Only remotely humorous.”

“I like this blog. The blogmatcher post was intriguing as well as the photos of different reader's beds.”

“I like this blog and have been a regular reader for quite a while. He is not laugh-out-loud funny but he is smart and witty in a New Yorker kind of way. I don't read many blogs like his because I am more of an Entertainment Weekly guy than a New Yorker guy, but I still enjoy Neil's writing quite a bit.”

“Dynamic interesting posts. My favorite was ‘How Much Is That Dildo In The Window.’ Good, amusing, engaging.”

“He has an entertaining style of writing, but I believe he and others think he's more entertaining than he actually is. However, I do like the talking penis. Maybe I'll train my cootch to talk.”

“I like the way he mixes it up. You can never really be sure where he is going to go. The video post he did of himself dancing with a mop while all dressed up was very enjoyable.”

“I like Neil a lot. His blog is very good, but not great. I can’t put a finger on it.”

DESIGN – 7.3

“It's not a great template, but it doesn't have to be ... the content is the star here.”

“The design is simple and clean. I like the fact that he went pink for October. Not too many men can pull that off. Pink is the new blog, you know.”

“Simple, which is nice. But the color scheme doesn't seem to really gel with the blog and its content.”

“Yet another boring Blogger-looking template.”

“Clean design, however I hate scrolling for long periods of time – too many posts on one page.”

“Would be a perfect 10 if it weren't for the basic template.”

“I like the design very much. It’s original and simple. I’m taking off for a little bit for the lack of color and the comments in the sidebar, but that’s about it. Solid 8.”

“He's an excellent writer, no question about it. Better than most. Not necessarily funnier than most, but I bet he can diagram a sentence, which is more than I can do. “

“Good solid writing skills; entertaining.”

“The guy is a writer, and his blog reflects that. You don't mind the long entries because everything reads so well.”

“Well written. I mean, when a man's penis can use commas, I think I'm in love.”

“In true Jew form, his writing is impeccable. He has a wonderful grasp of the English language, which brings me to near orgasm. I love a man with a rich and enhanced vernacular.”

“Good use of language, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.”

“Well written, good grammar and vocabulary. Very easy to read.”

“Big 10 for this one. Neil is a writer’s writer.”

“The scrolling comment bar on the side. Ugh. Why? Who cares what the latest comments are? We can read them for ourselves. Make that go away. And I hate tags. Hate them. That's my own personal hang up. Nothing to do with his page. I promise to seek therapy for it, but for now, it lowers the points.”

“This is a great blog, and it's hard to fault it for much.”

“Alrighty! No ads!”

“Posts seem rather long and rambling for the most part.”

“I think if I knew the blogger, I might be drawn into his posts a little easier. But sometimes, he can keep rambling about a subject before getting to the ‘punchline.’”

“The long posts turned me off a bit. It's one thing to use conversational writing, it's another when the reader has to scroll to China to finish a post.”

“You can't go by me, because most of his readers seem to be pretty smart, he definitely appeals to a certain demographic but he has a good-sized following. I am not sure if that is because there are so many semi-intellectual readers around or if it's more of a case of their not being too many semi-intellectual blogs around. He's got a lot more Bloglines subscribers than anyone else I have come across. Some of that may be a function of his being a web producer in Los Angeles. I think he has a lot of local readers.”

His wife Sophia sounds hot. Or maybe I'm just imagining her accent.”

“He mentioned his pending review on Bloglaughs, that was kinda cool.”

“I don’t like the comments in the sidebar, but its not too bad. No ads. No begging. No bullshit. Gotta love that.”

“Neil posts about every day.”

“Already do, and I have no plans to stop any time soon.”


“He is already bookmarked and I am dismayed to know that I am not one of his frequent reads. How do you not read the Jewish Princess? I am shocked and dismayed, but I will get over it.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I do, every day. He's been on my blogroll for quite some time.”


“Yes. I actually added it to Bloglines pretty quickly.”

“Already do.

OVERALL – 92.2

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monkey’s Deep Thoughts

We haven’t had a true “love it” or “hate it” blog in quite a while, but Monkey’s Deep Thoughts changed all of that.

Every single reviewer gave this blog either an 8 or 9, or a 4 or 5 for content. Ratings in other categories were all over the place but the positive scores helped push Monkey’s Deep Thoughts into our Top-50.

“Cute, original in a primate kinda way."

“I never thought anybody could take something as inherently funny as monkeys and make them un-funny. Cute idea, but not my thing.”

“This isn't supposed to be a funny blog. It's more of a clever, ‘day in the life’ kind of blog than drop-dead funny. I’m sorry to keep going back to this, but this is still funnier than blogs featuring pictures of cats.”

"Yawn. Premise would be cute if I was 17."

“I enjoy the stuffed animal concept. If only I'd thought of it first.”

“Somewhat lame. The daily goings-on of a monkey puppet? Creative, though. Extra points for that.”

“It's kind of a one-trick pony blog. It's a cute enough idea, and it grew on me a little bit more the further I went back, but still, I would rate it mildly enjoyable at best. Somewhat clever, but nothing hilarious. “

“What the hell? I've heard of animal blogs, but a stuffed monkey? What happened in this person's childhood to come up with this?”

“I didn’t get it the first couple of times I checked it out. After Monkey spent a few days with Spinning Girl, I was hooked. I’ve been reading ever since.”

DESIGN – 6.0
“Standard Blogger template. Boring, but easy to read.”


“Nothing special, looks like a basic Blogger template but at least it's clean and easy to read. Still, personally I like at least a little more pizzazz.”

“Standard Blogger template.”

“Blah. Basic green Blogger template.”

“For a standard template, its not too bad. I love the tagline at the end. That’s probably the funniest thing on the site.”

“Plain old Blogger template. I like green though, Extra point for that.”

“There is not a whole lot of writing, as half the gimmick is visual, but the author clearly can write clearly and well, which was refreshing.”

“Good, if not a bit ‘out there’ writing from the point of view of a stuffed primate.”

“There are some style issues that need to be addressed, but for a monkey, the writing isn't bad.”

“It's written by an unfunny monkey, so it's hard to complain. For a monkey, I guess it's okay.”


“Pretty good for a stuffed monkey.”

“For a monkey, the posts are well written, maybe a few were entertaining, but I didn't laugh. Although I am craving bananas.”

“Monkey is a very loyal reader/commenter of other blogs. That’s got to count for something.”

“I’m hoping the ‘Rated R’ notice is meant to be ironic. This site is ‘Rated G,’ not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“What's with the R rating? Is it an inside joke or did this blogger get PMRC'd?”

"My only pet-peeve is the time I wasted trying to find something funny here."

“How does a monkey get so many comments? And why do I have to scroll endlessly? Thank goodness the blog has no pop-ups, or I'd have to hurl feces at my monitor.”

"It's a blog about a stuffed monkey for Gawd's sake. Is that not intangible enough for you?"

“Nothing really jumps out at me. Nothing pissed me off, nothing got me excited. Eh.”

“The blog seems to have a small but fiercely loyal readership, which seemed to return fairly unabated after a 7 month hiatus that ended in September. I don't think there is enough to the blog that will elevate it to much more popularity.”

“Monkey has posted more than three times a week (which would be 6.0) since the recent hiatus, but we’re not comfortable going much higher because of the hiatus … if that makes any sense.”

“Doubtful, but I will pass the link on to others.”

“Already do.”

"I regret even reading it now."

“Now THAT'S funny!”

“Already do.”

"I would probably not read it regularly."

“Probably not. It's a cute idea but I don't see myself going back on a regular basis to see what the monkey is up to.”

OVERALL – 70.1

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz admittedly has a “sick, disgusting sense of humor.”

With that in mind, some of our reviewers will shit a brick when they learn he found a temporary spot at the bottom of our Top-50.

Others will be pissing their pants with joy.

Mixed reviews anyone?

“Sure it's funny, but how hard is it to get a laugh out of masturbation and anal sex? He occasionally puts up an entry that shows some actual creativity and imagination, but not often enough to keep me reading.”

“Fizz's posts are juvenile and dirty as hell, but I'd laugh pretty hard at about every other one. He sticks to the same vein of wickedly vile humor, so its not like he's all over the place.”

“What is this? The blog of a masturbatorial 12-year-old? I found it somewhat offensive, and I usually lay claim that one of my many aspects of my personality (my penchant for potty humor and salty language) is due to having been a 12-year-old boy in another life.”

“I love Pop Fizz. He’s not afraid to write about anything and I like that.”

“Pure juvenile crap. There isn't enough bleach in the world to wash out my eyes right now. “

“He's definitely funnier than most bloggers, but the explicitness of his homoerotic posts aren't for the faint of heart.”

“I kept saying to myself, ‘How old is this douchebag?’”

“Tell him to grow the fuck up!”

“I didn't laugh once. Ok, I admit I laughed at the jizz swiffer line, but that's it.”

“The Maf54 IM re-write was pretty funny, even though I hate myself for reading the entire thing.”

“I always think of Pop Fizz and Blog Ho together. Blog Ho gets credit all over the Internet as a ‘genius,’ but Fizz is funnier because his stuff is different everyday.”

“Sexual humor doesn't do it for me.”

DESIGN – 4.9
“Heaven save us from yet another Blogger black template of death.”

“Basic Blogger template.”

“His old design was better, even though that was a piece of shit template too.”

“Standard blogger black template. More crap.”

“Meh... black Blogger template. Could use a little creativity or uniqueness to separate it from the umpteen million other blogs with black Blogger templates.”

“Bring back the white one!”

“Boring blogger template.”

“Of all the Blogger templates, this one is near the bottom of my list. It’s black and boring. Yuck!”

“He owns up to the fact that his spelling and grammar are shitty, but I didn't think it was that bad.”

“For such nasty content, he writes pretty well. Even though the grammar isn't correct in most of his posts, its more like the 'author taking liberties' than the 'idiot who can't put together a complete sentence.’”

“Crappy spelling, grammar, punctuation and abysmal capitalization.”


“At least he admits that he has a grammar problem.”

“Lots of typos.”

“Fizz freely admits his mistakes, but his willingness to write about anything has got to be worth something.”

“POP UPS! POP UPS! DID I MENTION POP UPS? I will give it a 3, because at least it is a clean template, but I really was disgusted by this blog.”

“Immature, misogynistic. The corn and peanuts in my own stool is more compelling and entertaining.”

“The pop-ups are unforgivable. One of them has fucking video and took forever to load before I could make it go away. Thankfully, there weren’t any ads or other bullshit on the page.”

“I'll let you know once my eyes have recovered from reading pages of white type on a black background.”

“I wonder if he has anything to do with (irreverent podcast) Nobody Likes Onions? Those guys are in the Tampa area and have the same sense of humor.”

Pop Fizz makes relatively frequent posts when he’s open for business. However, he’s taken several long breaks in posting over the years. I’ll punt and give it a 5.”

“This rating is being sponsored by the letters, ‘N’ and ‘O.’”

“Fuck yes!”

“Maybe once I've worn out my Andrew Dice Clay standup videos.”

“I already do.”

“Only if someone was pointing a loaded gun to my head, and even then, I'd have some reservations.”

“Um, no.”

“I subscribe to his feed so I don't have to deal with the pop-ups. Besides, you never know when he's going to disappear.”

“Probably not. While his posts can be something funny to read once in a blue moon, I don't see myself checking back all the time for updates.”

“Not even if I got paid for it.”

OVERALL – 67.9

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

-- BlogLaughs Goes Weekly --

Things have been kind of hectic here at BlogLaughs Headquarters the past few months and I've come to the realization this blog may work better if we only do one blog review a week.

Compiling three reviews each week has become tiresome and I'm hoping to get better response from my reviewers by cutting the workload for them as well.

Hopefully, I will get around to compiling the review for Pop Fizz tomorrow. After that, I plan on posting a new review each Tuesday.

Thanks for understanding ...

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Letter D

The blogger behind The Letter D is a freelance writer, humor columnist, and stand-up comedian among other things.

It is no surprise he made it into our Top-10 with a cumulative score of 88.1.

"Not every story is meant to be funny, but the guy can’t help it sometimes. He’s just damn funny."

"I can relate to the math in school post. In the archives, the list about different groups of women was pretty creative."

"Every post he makes is worth the click. You just can’t say that about every blogger."

"This score would have been higher if the blogger posted more regularly."

DESIGN - 6.4
"It's your basic Blogger template. No frills or ads."

"Plain, old Blogger template. Uncreative, maybe, but it's clean and simple, just how I like it!"

"Basic Blogger template."

"Perfect 10."

"Seemingly random posts, a smattering of things that either interest the blogger or ‘slice of life’ posts. Good spelling, use of punctuation/capitalization, and grammar."

"He writes with heart. God, I love that."

"Better than average."

"The quality of writing makes up for anything else. Thanks for sending me to this blog. This is what BlogLaughs is all about."

"No ads, no begging, nothing but good, solid writing."

"His Oct. 6, 2006 post hooked me right away, what's not to like about a church message about spreading intergalactic cocoa love?"

"Mr. Hamilton posts a couple of times a week."



"I think so."

"Yes. I’m adding it to my side panel."

OVERALL - 86.7

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gallery of the Absurd

Gallery of the Absurd is the home of Fourteen, a talented artist who “illustrates the sordid world of gossip and slander while trying to keep a straight face.”

Mixed reviews kept Gallery of the Absurd from scoring too high or low, but it did find a spot on our Top-50 list.

Fourteen is quite a talented artist, but I don’t know how funny this is. Amusing, maybe.”

“Definitely bizarre. Good call on the Janet Jackson photo, though.”

“I didn't find it funny or even interesting or read-worthy.”

“Regular, timely posts.”

“Don't we rate humor blogs? I didn't laugh.”

DESIGN – 6.5
“Looks like a standard, three-column TypePad template.”

“Google ads-ick. Boring color scheme.”

“A little better than a standard template.”

“Regular, timely posts; good use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.”

“I don't see anything glaring.”

“The writing is OK, but the artwork is the star. She misspells a few words here and there but nothing bad.”

“I enjoy the original artwork on this blog. Therein is the true creativity of this particular blog. This would have garnered a ‘10’ if it were not for the ads in the side panel.”

“I think the whole blog is a peeve.”

“The ads on the side panel suck, but posting original artwork has got to be worth a few extra points somewhere.”

“I like anyone who has an ‘about’ page.”

“Fourteen posts about two or three original pieces a week, from what we could tell.”



“Perhaps. I added it to my faves. Let's wait and see.”

“Not a chance.”

OVERALL – 69.3

Monday, October 09, 2006

Aly’s World

You know those friends who like to fill your inbox with the most hilarious things they can find on the Internet?

They would love Aly’s World.

Our reviewers?

Not so much.

“Not original, just reposting funny tidbits she found elsewhere.”

“Trite. This score is as high as it is because the blog was interesting enough to drive me to Google, ‘Proteus Syndrome.’ I think if it didn't pique my curiosity to do that, this particular score would be in the negatives.”

“OK. Enough with the joke blogs! This one isn’t funny either.”

“Some of it may be funny, but its not original content.”

DESIGN – 3.7
“Something in the formatting made the sidebar screwed up.”

“I didn't dig how her masthead was off to the left instead of centered; this score would be higher if the individual were mentally handicapped. I'd definitely cut her some slack.”

“A standard Blogger template that has been altered for the worse.”

“The posts mostly seem to be pictures. What writing there is, seems to be copied from forwarded emails or joke books.”

“Nothing original. I bet if we were to find the rip in the space-time continuum, this particular blogger would be one of those folks who would go crazy at the photocopier (or earlier, the mimeograph machine), clogging our inboxes on our desks with the hard copy version of this crap.”

“Not much writing here. I would imagine she didn’t write most of it anyway.”

“I was so annoyed by this blog's lack of creativity and originality, my taint itched. Actually if this blog were all pink and had pop ups and annoying music, I'm sure it would have not been AS annoying.”

“There’s one ad for disaster relief, but not much else. I have to take off a few points for the screwed up sidebar but that’s about it.”

“Nothing too annoying.”

“Aly doesn’t post every day, but she often posts several items when she does.”

“Not a chance.”

“You've got three guesses, and the first two don't count.”

“I might … it could be good for a quick laugh.”

OVERALL – 57.1

Friday, October 06, 2006

Smile of the Day

Smile of the Day ended its run shortly after our reviewers were asked to critique it. According to the last post, the site will be revived at

Still, I doubt many of our reviewers will follow along.

“This is the first ‘joke-joke’ blog I’ve seen and I’m not impressed.”

“Very sweet but very bland content. Jokes we've seen or heard dozens of times before. Reads like the "Laughter is the Best Medicine" section of Readers Digest. Even sort of looks like it.”

“I got a chuckle or two out of this blog.”

“I found it boring.”

“Consistent posts, upbeat, amusing.”

“Humorous but not very creative. Anyone can post a joke every day.”

DESIGN – 4.5
“Basic Blogger template.”

“Not particularly creative.”

“Standard Blogger template adds to the Reader’s Digest effect.”

“This is one of my least-favorite Blogger templates.”


“The writing is fine, the grammar is impeccable. Sadly, most of it comes from other sources.”

“I would imagine most of it is cut-and-paste from other sources. The grammar is OK, but the writing probably isn’t ”

“Ads everywhere. Tip cup, for what? Recycled humor? Oy. I have a headache. Too much blinking. Take your 2 and be grateful.”

“I've decided the donation button annoys me more than the ads.”

“What do you call that when you go around collecting other people’s trash and then try to make money off of it with a bunch of ads? I don’t know either, but that’s exactly what this site does. We should make up a word.”

Smile of the Day was a pretty frequent site in its day.”

“Nope, it's like any other personal joke blog out there.”

“Not sure.”

“I am trying to forget it.”


“Not on your life.”

OVERALL – 57.6

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mommy Needs Coffee

Yahoo! lists Mommy Needs Coffee as one of the most humorous blogs on the Internet.

Our reviewers seemed to walk on eggshells a little bit, but they still didn’t find much to make them laugh.

“Jenn seems like a very nice person, a decent personal blogger, but I didn’t find anything all that funny.”

“Normal everyday mom-type issues. I can relate.”

“I'm just not a fan of mommy blogs, most of their content is unrelatable for me.”

“Blogher, Blogher, Blogher, mommy blogs, mommy wars, 9/11, Steve Irwin, and happy birthday to my teenager. And that was only September. She's not funny. She's not interesting. She is just another sweet mommy blogger making her own space in the world. I liked her story on hair violations though. Induced two or three chuckles.”

“She's a professional blogger.”

“I believe this is the prototypical mommy blog. It’s sweet, honest, and heartfelt but doesn’t have the zing of Dooce or Karlababble.”

DESIGN – 5.0
“The main graphic is nice, the background is OK, but the color of the sidebars is annoying as hell! What color is that? It looks like my poop after eating blueberry pancakes!”

“The sidebars are chaotic. It takes away from the content in the middle. And I know this is picky, but the page scrolled kinda weird making it more difficult to read.”

“Hate it. It's drab in color. Three columns mean a whole lot of nothing in the sidebars. Boring.”

“The sidebars are terrible. The colors aren’t attractive and don’t go together.”

“The writing is OK for a blog.”

“She writes in conversational tone. I like that. However, she makes a lot of typos. As a grammar Nazi, I find that to be really annoying. Not a huge deal, I just wish she would re-read before hitting ‘post.’”

“I have to deduct a point because I saw ‘high-healed shoes.’”

“Typical mommy blog fare.”

“Too many ads and buttons.”

“Ads. Everywhere. Ads. Too much self-promotion going on. I've gotten a bunch of recognition for my writing as well, but I don't load my sidebars up with it. Just Google me to find my greatness. I hate all the blinkies. It makes me have seizures.”

“She is obviously a member of every blogging group on the planet.”

“Busy, busy, busy.”

“Jenn has averaged about three posts a week the past six months.”


“Not on a bet.”

“Ummmmm … no.”

“No, thank you.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Yes. I was entertained.”

OVERALL – 62.0

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wil Wheaton

Much like our review of little.yellow.different, it is with great trepidation I post a mixed review of Wil Wheaton’s blog.

Wheaton is probably best known for acting roles in Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he is also a blogging pioneer with three books to his credit.

Wheaton’s not-so-temporary blog, Wil Wheaton dot Net: In Exile, is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. In 2002, Wheaton won six Bloggies, including Most Humorous Weblog and Weblog of the Year.

“Poor Wil is gonna get killed by the people who aren’t long-time readers, isn’t he? I’m a big fan, but even I’ll admit his blog has suffered as his writing career has taken off. He has several more writing and acting gigs than he did when his blog was blowing up. He’s still just as honest and self-effacing, but reading about his struggles was more interesting than reading about his latest poker tournament. On the other hand, Wil seems much happier in his skin these days. I am truly happy for him. This blog doesn’t quite deserve the 10 I’m going to give it today, but I’m certain it won’t deserve the low scores you’ll get from your other reviewers either.”

“Was this a humorous blog?”

“Copious posts.”

“Very sweet. Ordinary content. Nothing too amazing. Nice to see someone is wordier than I am. I have to admit that nothing made me laugh. A smile or two during the Kmart/StarWars story, but seriously, nothing laugh inducing.”

“Not a fan of Star Trek or any of its incarnations, so there wasn't much to interest me. My dad would probably like it though.”


“The ‘dewdrops in the garden’ post was nice. I often wonder if my husband sees me that way in his beady little mind. … Nah.”

“I miss Wil’s old blog. WWdN used to be really, really good.”

"The story he tells about how he into blogging is one of the best posts I've ever read by anyone. Period."

DESIGN – 6.4
“He’s been ‘in exile’ at Typepad for too long. The lack of a redesign at his primary site just goes to show he doesn’t care that much about his blog anymore.”

“Standard Typepad template, but kudos for being a nice calming blue/gray. Not a lot of thought went into this.”


“The font is just a wee bit too small.”

“Boring but an extra point for neatness.”

“He’s tweaked a standard template, but there isn’t anything bad about that.”

“I love when he writes about his childhood. He has such a sweet way of telling a story. It just goes to show that his casting in Stand By Me was brilliant. Thankfully, he grew up to be better looking than Richard Dreyfus.”

“The writing is fine. Grammar is fine. Stories are fine. Everything is just … fine.”

“Wil is a better writer than he is an actor.”

“Wil is a fantastic writer. His honesty is simply wonderful.”

“Good grammar and spelling and use of punctuation.”

“I still read WWdN because of the writing. When he’s on, there are very few bloggers who compare.”

“Not many ads or other bullshit, but he gets a little long-winded sometimes.”

“He gets points for posing with Charlie McCarthy.”

“Dear God, if I read another poker story I think I’ll poke my eyes out with a stick!”

“I can’t recommend ‘Just a Geek’ enough. It’s as much about ‘blogging’ as it is about anything else. He goes through the same things all of us go through. It’s a good read.”

“I love the video game stuff he writes for The Onion AV Club.”

“Wil has averaged more than six posts a week the past six months. He might not post everyday, but he’ll make up for it with two or three the next day.”

“Already do.”


“I’ll always read Wil’s blog.”

“No. My eyes glazed over. Is his stuff amusing? I couldn't tell.”

“I still read it because the good posts make up for the bad ones.”

“Not a chance.”

“I used to, but not anymore. It’s kind of gone stale.”

OVERALL – 75.3