Monday, May 08, 2006

You Can’t Make It Up

At first glance, you may or may not like You Can’t Make It Up.

However, according to our reviewers, the more you look, the more you like.

"I’m ashamed I haven’t really explored this site since the 2006 Bloggie Award nominations. Stupid me didn’t look at her favorite posts until this week. Michelle Collins has written some great, great stuff but you really have to dig in the archives and make it one of your regular reads to give it an honest chance. This is a fantastic blog."

"The current posts didn't do much for me. I looked back into some of the archived favorite posts and enjoyed some of them more."

"I looked at some of the ‘favorite’ posts. The Harry Potter countdown was great."

"Very random. Humorous but not generally laugh-out-loud funny, except for a couple places."

"I don't get it. I assume this site is supposed to be funny, but from what I've read it's just relatively straightforward personal stories. Not particularly funny or unique."

"Not every post is a home run, but I don’t think Michelle gives a shit. I kind of like that."

DESIGN - 6.4
"The graphic at the top of the page is a little weird, but it’s a pretty decent design. Nothing horrible."

"Pretty basic; pet peeve about ads on blogs."

"I don't like ads. Plus pick one font and stick with it in the side bar. Multiple fonts hurt my eyes."

"Design was good. Unique without distracting from the posts."

"The design is okay. The header graphic is original, and it blends into the sidebar, providing a clean look. But the front page is a mile long. Other than the header, it seems like a typical blogger template."

"Not particularly interesting but not distracting either."

"Open, honest, clever, witty, and wonderful."

"Tendency to ramble. However, I could follow it because that's pretty much how my mind works."

"The animal pictures freak me out sometimes. Some of the posts are a little long."

"It made me ill viewing it."

"It would be nice if comments were allowed."

"The ads detract."

"Uber-long link list in the sidebar. Too many posts on the main page, causing longer screen load time and awkward scrolling."

"Lots of linking, ads, and long, rambling posts. The extra pictures interspersed I find funny and annoying at the same time."

"She posts quite often. Sometimes twice a day."

"Until something funnier takes its place, I might check it out every few days."

"Regularly, no. Frequently, yes."

"Definitely not."

"Absolutely yes."

"I think so. This is better than most of the stuff my ‘blogger friends’ write every day. Sadly, because Michelle doesn’t accept comments, she and I will probably never be friends. ... Dude, I’m freaking myself out with that comment."

OVERALL - 86.3
"I was a little put off by the first post I saw '50 Animals Driving.' I'm an animal lover, but scrolling through 50 pictures got old fast. Glad I gave it a chance and kept going because I loved her other stuff!"

"I would visit Ms. Collins on a regular basis. Her blog is witty, downright hillarious, and so unique. She is such a great writer, and you can tell she's one of the blogging veterans (which is anybody blogging before 2005)."


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