Friday, May 12, 2006

The Dilbert Blog

Most of our reviewers would probably agree that Scott Adams is a talented guy.

However, that talent doesn’t always resonate with everyone when if comes to The Dilbert Blog.

"I went to this blog thinking it would be funny. It wasn't. I can say that it seemed like the grammar was correct and the overall design seemed OK. The overall feel of the posts were condescending. I actually enjoy the Dilbert cartoon from time to time. Maybe Scott Adams should stick to what he does best."

"It's a huge mixed bag of all sorts of topics, but very well written and witty. Very funny yet intelligent. I think it's one of the best blogs I've ever come across."

"He's a professional and creative."

"I'm shocked. Seriously. I never liked Dilbert and I never had any interest in reading this blog. But this guy is pretty fucking funny. What have I been missing?"

"Literate, smart prose on a wide variety of subjects that range from politics, to creating one of the country's most popular comic strips, and everything in-between. Often a humorous read, the content is actually worth your valuable time."

"I don't care for political blogs. Even though this is classified as a humorous blog, it was way too political for my tastes."

"I guess it could be funny. Maybe amusing. It's not my cup of tea."

"I don’t care for Dilbert, but I really don’t care about this guy’s political ramblings. Wasn’t this supposed to be funny?"

DESIGN - 6.0
"Simple, functional, easy to read. Nothing special, but not offensive either. The writing is what shines here, and the design allows that to happen. I'd give in an 8 for the functionality alone if it weren't for the fact that I was greeted by a huge, annoying pop- up ad slapping me in the face when I opened the site. And the coding must be busted for Apple Safari users, because the frame around the ad drops the entire length of the page. Doesn't Adams make millions for whoring his Dilbert crap? Why mess up this brilliant attempt to express himself outside of his cartoon strip with something that makes me want to immediately close the page? Ultimately the design gets a mere 3 for being so stupid with the gigantic pop-up."

"The design is clean and the color scheme is fine. But that strangely placed banner at the top of the screen shifts everything down and leaves a ton of empty space up there. At first I thought maybe it was only a problem in Firefox, but I checked IE and it appears the same way there. Same goes for that ad in the right sidebar. It just seems out of place all alone over there. So strange."

"Boring. And the baby blue that peeved people in an earlier review!"

"Sort of plain. Don't like the Monster ad on top."

"As anybody who has read his non-Dilbert works (like "God's Debris") can tell you, Scott Adams is a very talented writer. When not restricted to the tiny panels of a newspaper comic, he is allowed to roam free and express himself in a very effective manner. You might not always agree with what Adams has to say, but you can certainly appreciate the way he says it. A perfect 10."

"The content is well-written in a conversational style. Me likey."

"The writing is good. The grammar is fine. Nothing to pick apart here."

"He’s a decent writer, but I still don’t care about this blog."

"The content is funny, but there are pop-ups, oddly placed banner ads, and all that empty space above the header and in the sidebar."

"I hate to harp on the pop-up again, but WTF? Bloggers in far, far worse financial shape than Scott Adams manage to run blogs with no ads at all ... yet he's got a banner ad, sidebar ads, and that stupid pop-up. I'd give him a 2 here just because it all pisses me off so much, but the fact that he offers a full-content web feed makes me bump it up to an 8."

"Long posts and pop-up ads!"

"He probably shouldn’t write this much. Maybe he’d come up with better stuff."

"If I remember, yes. I know where to find it if I want to read it. I read the comic strip somewhat regularly in the newspaper."

"Only via web feed. There is no way in hell I'm going to click off that stupid Interclick add every time I visit."

"No. I would never read this blog again. Not because it isn't any good. Again, it's just not my thing."

OVERALL - 68.6
"It's brilliant. The posts are short enough so that you aren't sitting there reading a novel, but long enough to explain certain points. I like it."

"I tend to be a Dilbert fan but I did not find this blog to be very Dilbert-y. Or funny, really. Hmmm."


  • I would just like to say, about this whole reviewing thing in general, not any one particular blog, that I breathe a sigh of relief when I read what others have said and find that at least SOMEBODY else had the same feelings as I did. *whew* ;)

    By Blogger Grace, at May 12, 2006 7:20 AM  

  • So far, we've had a pretty wide range of scores and comments from each of our reviewers. I think we'll continue to see that for most blogs.

    I haven't noticed any particular reviewers that hate or love everything either. The lovers and haters switch from blog to blog.

    That's great. I think it shows that people are genuinely giving an objective opinion of how they like or dislike a particular site.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at May 12, 2006 8:03 AM  

  • Dilbert sucks, but The Dilbert Blog is even worse.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 16, 2006 8:12 AM  

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