Monday, January 15, 2007

Best Week Ever

After compiling this week’s reviews, it is a good bet most of our reviewers would have had a higher opinion of Best Week Ever earlier last year. It appears many of you have grown weary of the celebrity snark sites.

“I am sure this appeals to some, but I am very weary of celebrity pop culture Web sites. There is so much to look at here I don't know where to start. If I had just happened upon this site on my own I would have kept right on going.”

“Loved all the links to lots of cools stuff that I wasn't aware of.”

“Not exactly my thing. I hear more about Britney, Paris, Lindsey and the like more than I care to as it is, so I probably wouldn't visit this blog regularly, but people who are interested in that sort of thing would probably really like this blog. It's kinda like People magazine in blog form.”

“Painfully forced humor coupled with television goodness and a whole assload of YouTube movies which can be seen on YouTube. Why sort through 4,345 ads to see them when you can simply go there, without the eyesore?”

“This is what happens when bloggers sellout and get paid for ‘writing.’ I loved Michelle Collins’ blog [You Can’t Make It Up] but she rarely posts anymore. I assume she and the other contributors post for pennies here instead. Too bad.”

“If you like this stuff, it’s better to subscribe through Bloglines so you can avoid the ads and horrible design.”

“Regular, timely posts, I will immediately commence peppering conversations with the word, ‘robo-vagines.’ And I have promptly passed around the ‘Box in a Box’ YouTube a bit.

“It's just regurgitated crap from other blogs with idiotic comments. Nothing about this blog is funny.”

“They hit more often than miss.”

DESIGN – 4.1
“It's easy to read, but nothing spectacular. And the sidebar is a bit overwhelming. Do people really click on tag clouds and categories? I never do. They always seem like such a waste of space and they make the sidebar look so crammed. And of course, there's a shitload of ads. Ugh.”

“Too cluttered, too much to see. My eyes, my eyes! This is freaking my ADD out!”

“What design? It reminded me of one of those refrigerator magnet games, you know, the one with all the words just strewn everywhere? Except the magnets were mixed up by a 5-year-old. No, nevermind. That would probably make more sense to me.”

"Oh God, not another mediocre celeb-u-tainment blog."

"Holy shit the sidepanel is cluttered. Who has time to sort through all of that?"

“It's too damn busy. The pink font annoys me.”

“There is just too much going on. Too many different fonts/colors/sizes. It looks like a big jumbled mess.”

“The design wouldn’t be all that bad without all the ads and other nonsense.”

“I don't see any problems with the writing and grammar, but I don't exactly find it all that exciting either.”

“It's fine. It ain't Shakespeare but he could get a gig with People magazine probably.”

“What quality? Everything was taken from somewhere else! Of course the grammar is perfecto! It was taken from other sources! The parts that the author does write, however, are fine. Not Rhodes Scholar fine, but grade school at best.”

“Good use of grammar and punctuation. Should spell check a bit before hitting publish. However, the writers of this site do know their way around a sentence. Currently, I'm enamored with the following: ‘Looks like it’s that time of the month … time to go to rehab.’”

“The grammar is correct enough to get the vapid ideas across.”

“The writing style is so so.”

“Ads. Lack of original content. Broken links. Pics that don't work, in the header no less! A blogroll that reads like the Who's Who of the superficial, malcontent and unoriginal. Ugh. I can't find anything redeeming about this blog, except for the little X in the right hand corner of the screen. Here's a 1, just for allowing me to escape.”

“Blogs like these are so impersonal because there is no ‘about’ the blogger/author. You have no idea who's writing it. I have a hard time getting into blogs like this.”

“Is this guy a professional? Look at the bottom of the site. Does he work for MTV or VH1?”

“I am just so burned out on stuff like this. I spent a lot of time going though this blog, but frankly five minutes in I was exhausted.”

“Anything that has to do with VH-1’s Best Week Ever automatically loses credibility with me.”

“I was in a shitty mood before I read this blog. Now I'm ready to gouge my eyes out.”

“Could they add just a few more tags? I think they missed ‘and’ ‘it’ and ‘the.’”

“I think the concept works much better as a TV show than a blog.”

Best Week Ever features several posts each day.”

“No, I read too much about celebrities now.”

“If I happened upon it in my web surfing, I'd read it, but I wouldn't blogroll it or add it to my Bloglines.”

“God, no.”

“Yep. I subscribe through Bloglines.”

“Let's play this by ear, shall we? I've put it in my bookmarks and promise to ‘glance’ at it every couple of days. Fair enough?”

“Hell, no!”

“Yes, but only because it's always up-to-date.”

“I might now, but only for the purpose of finding new music.”

OVERALL – 69.2


  • What amazes me is how popular these sites are. If you look in the blog directories/ranking sites, the top 5-10 blogs (by visitors) are usually the celeb sites. The only thing I can think of is that teens are glued to their screens searching for Britney and Christina gossip.

    Anita ;)

    By Anonymous Say No to Crack, at January 21, 2007 12:40 PM  

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