Monday, December 18, 2006

To Do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss

As one of our reviewers explained, “I don’t know if this blog is called ‘To Do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss,’ or ‘Must Get Hobby.’ Both names are stupid but this is still one of the best humor blogs on the Internet.”

Needless to say, our reviewers loved this blog.

To Do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss managed the second-highest score in our short, little history.

“She is hysterical! How did I not find her before? I don't understand? She tells a great story with wry, dry humor. Nothing fluffy about it, just tell it like it is and screw you if you don't like it kind of attitude. Self-deprecating while being positively adorable! Hello? We have mutual friends! Why were we not introduced? I give her a 10 for being so real and so very human.”

“It kept me engaged enough to read past the first post.”

“Mist is consistently funny. Always a fun read with laugh-out-loud moments.”

“Interesting, but nothing really jumped out at me as hilarious.”

“I love her intelligent, wry, dry humor. I wish every blog was this entertaining.”

“God, I love Mist1. I don’t know if I can explain this but ‘I get her.' You know? She’s just really, really good.”

DESIGN – 7.1
[Mist1 did a redesign during our review period. Some of the scores and comments may reflect the older design.]

“Very simple, nice and clean. Some funky stuff going on in the sidebar, like large spaces between links and half-erased links, but nothing I would piss in her Cheerios over.”

“Nothing special here, just a bare bones template. But who cares, it's a great read!”

“Basic Blogger template.”

“It's the same style of template that I have, so how could I not love it?”

“Glad I checked back for another look. The new design is nice.”

“Excellent writer with a wonderful sense of comedic timing. She can spell. I'm in love.”

“It kept me engaged, I just kept reading expecting ‘more.’ Now I don't know how much more, or what more, but I just expected more.”

“I didn't see any glaring errors.”

“She certainly knows her way around a sentence. She writes very well.”

“Good. Nothing here to make me shudder or wish for an editing button.”

“I don’t know much about her, but she writes in short paragraphs like a journalist. She needs to be writing this stuff for a newspaper or magazine instead of giving it away for free. I saw a couple of tiny mistakes but I’m still giving her a 10. Mist1 is a uniquely talented writer.”

“I cannot abide disingenuity, neither in writing nor in speech. Why b*tch instead of bitch? Why G*d instead of God? Do you think we don't know what the missing letters are? Are your children reading? If they are, do you think they don't know what the missing letters are?”

“Nothing to bitch about. She barely has a sidebar, let alone clutter. Nothing is blinking, flashing or asking me to pay for it. She has one lone blog award tucked neatly down at the bottom. How can someone who is so not an attention whore have so many readers? What am I doing wrong here?”

“She posts every day, which I like.”

“Good frequency of posts and an amazing number of comments. Makes me wish I had seen the previous blog that seems to have disappeared in the mists of time.”

“Perfect 10 in this category. I don’t like the name of this blog, but there is nothing here that upsets me in any way.”

“Jesus! Look at all those commenters!”

“Mist1 makes a regular post every weekday.”

“Already do!”

“As of today, she is on my blogroll.”

“Yes! Thanks for the new blog.”


“Yes indeed, I have added it to my Bloglines.”

“Yes. I'll be checking back regularly.”

“I noticed you don’t use a lot of the standard yes/no comments. On this one, I’m saying yes. Mist1 kicks ass! How’s that?”


OVERALL – 96.9


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