Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Citizen of the Month

After our last review, we’re a bit gun-shy about taking on blogs written by nice people with a loyal following.

Neil Kramer’s Citizen of the Month garnered the fifth-highest rating we’ve awarded here at BlogLaughs, but we are convinced his faithful minions will still want to string us up while the Monkey-followers continue to pepper us with feces.

“Brilliant, brilliant blog. Neil has a unique sense of humor and never fails to deliver the funny.”

“Posts are tongue-in-cheek and give humorous commentary on current events and personal anecdotes. A good mix. Some posts do ramble on a little too long to stay witty.”

“Original; loved ‘A Story for my younger readers.’”

“I like Neil. He's an affable enough person, enjoyable to read, and he seems like a real mensch. I will give him bonus points for being a Jew. I loved his yenta matchmaking post ... and his camera post was hysterical. He doesn't seem like he is trying to make you laugh. He just does.”

Neil and his penis are quite entertaining. Not that I laughed out loud reading every post, but I chuckled. I did feel as if I was reading an English professor's blog at times, but, at least this guy knows how to spell, or, use spell check and the proper way to punctuate, and use paragraphs.”

“Only remotely humorous.”

“I like this blog. The blogmatcher post was intriguing as well as the photos of different reader's beds.”

“I like this blog and have been a regular reader for quite a while. He is not laugh-out-loud funny but he is smart and witty in a New Yorker kind of way. I don't read many blogs like his because I am more of an Entertainment Weekly guy than a New Yorker guy, but I still enjoy Neil's writing quite a bit.”

“Dynamic interesting posts. My favorite was ‘How Much Is That Dildo In The Window.’ Good, amusing, engaging.”

“He has an entertaining style of writing, but I believe he and others think he's more entertaining than he actually is. However, I do like the talking penis. Maybe I'll train my cootch to talk.”

“I like the way he mixes it up. You can never really be sure where he is going to go. The video post he did of himself dancing with a mop while all dressed up was very enjoyable.”

“I like Neil a lot. His blog is very good, but not great. I can’t put a finger on it.”

DESIGN – 7.3

“It's not a great template, but it doesn't have to be ... the content is the star here.”

“The design is simple and clean. I like the fact that he went pink for October. Not too many men can pull that off. Pink is the new blog, you know.”

“Simple, which is nice. But the color scheme doesn't seem to really gel with the blog and its content.”

“Yet another boring Blogger-looking template.”

“Clean design, however I hate scrolling for long periods of time – too many posts on one page.”

“Would be a perfect 10 if it weren't for the basic template.”

“I like the design very much. It’s original and simple. I’m taking off for a little bit for the lack of color and the comments in the sidebar, but that’s about it. Solid 8.”

“He's an excellent writer, no question about it. Better than most. Not necessarily funnier than most, but I bet he can diagram a sentence, which is more than I can do. “

“Good solid writing skills; entertaining.”

“The guy is a writer, and his blog reflects that. You don't mind the long entries because everything reads so well.”

“Well written. I mean, when a man's penis can use commas, I think I'm in love.”

“In true Jew form, his writing is impeccable. He has a wonderful grasp of the English language, which brings me to near orgasm. I love a man with a rich and enhanced vernacular.”

“Good use of language, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.”

“Well written, good grammar and vocabulary. Very easy to read.”

“Big 10 for this one. Neil is a writer’s writer.”

“The scrolling comment bar on the side. Ugh. Why? Who cares what the latest comments are? We can read them for ourselves. Make that go away. And I hate tags. Hate them. That's my own personal hang up. Nothing to do with his page. I promise to seek therapy for it, but for now, it lowers the points.”

“This is a great blog, and it's hard to fault it for much.”

“Alrighty! No ads!”

“Posts seem rather long and rambling for the most part.”

“I think if I knew the blogger, I might be drawn into his posts a little easier. But sometimes, he can keep rambling about a subject before getting to the ‘punchline.’”

“The long posts turned me off a bit. It's one thing to use conversational writing, it's another when the reader has to scroll to China to finish a post.”

“You can't go by me, because most of his readers seem to be pretty smart, he definitely appeals to a certain demographic but he has a good-sized following. I am not sure if that is because there are so many semi-intellectual readers around or if it's more of a case of their not being too many semi-intellectual blogs around. He's got a lot more Bloglines subscribers than anyone else I have come across. Some of that may be a function of his being a web producer in Los Angeles. I think he has a lot of local readers.”

His wife Sophia sounds hot. Or maybe I'm just imagining her accent.”

“He mentioned his pending review on Bloglaughs, that was kinda cool.”

“I don’t like the comments in the sidebar, but its not too bad. No ads. No begging. No bullshit. Gotta love that.”

“Neil posts about every day.”

“Already do, and I have no plans to stop any time soon.”


“He is already bookmarked and I am dismayed to know that I am not one of his frequent reads. How do you not read the Jewish Princess? I am shocked and dismayed, but I will get over it.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I do, every day. He's been on my blogroll for quite some time.”


“Yes. I actually added it to Bloglines pretty quickly.”

“Already do.

OVERALL – 92.2


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