Friday, May 19, 2006

Jesus General

Jesus General is a perfect example that political satire is not for everyone.

Many of our reviewers appreciated particular aspects of this blog – especially the quality of writing – but the overall concept just didn’t connect with everyone.

“I’m sure a lot of people will find this blog hilarious, but it’s just not my thing. I prefer my humor sarcastic not satirical.”

“I have to admit, I wasn't enjoying it. And, a lot of it, I wasn't getting. I am a pretty political person, but some of the humor was lost on me. Maybe it wasn't the politics, but rather the politics with the religious flavor. What do I know? I'm a Jew. All I know is I am the chosen people and so is Jesus. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. Apparently, he must be clever and smart because DAMN he's won a lot of awards. My heart will not be one of them though.”

“Great sense of humor and justice, yet not politically correct. Well done.”

“I can handle a little political humor, but this is too much for me.”

“Too political. Not my thing. I realize everyone has a right to their opinion and a blog is for the purpose of expressing that opinion; however, I am extremely uninterested in politics and I'm really quickly annoyed by people with a brash one-sided stand on things. Reading this blog, I picture the author as a 50-something man with a puffed-out chest talking loudly about his biased political views.”

“Too political for my taste.”

“I enjoy the satire, but the longish posts annoy me sometimes.”

“There is nothing I like about this blog.”

“While I thought it was witty and well written, I just don'tcare for political blogs. Just not my thing.”

DESIGN – 5.3
“The design is simple enough. It made the 30 minutes I spent there somewhat more tolerable.”

“Straightforward layout, amusing things on side panel.”

“The ads in the side bar confuse and annoy me.”

“Boring and too much stuff to look at. Can a blog be both of those things?”

“The writing was articulate, grammar was excellent, and such nice punctuation. The English teacher in me had a mild orgasm. I give it a 9. Would have been a 10, but there was a spelling error in the sidebar that really bothered me. Yes, I know it is insignificant, but the ad is important so special care should have been taken to make sure the spelling was just so.”

“Copious posts, good spelling, and punctuation as I could see. However, verbose, and had to read too much to get to the punchy parts.”

“Once I put aside my hang-up about the political content, I found that the writing itself is actually somewhat humorous. I couldn't make myself spend a lot of time doing any in-depth reading, but in skimming through the posts, the grammar and spelling do not appear to be an issue.”

“Loooooooooooooong ass posts. Tendency to prattle on and on about lord only knows what in some of those posts. Some seem to have a ‘private joke’ kind of feel to it. Excessively long blog roll. However, some of the sidebar reading is funny and more than makes up for the blog roll. Honestly? I spent more time visiting the sidebar links than reading the blog.”

“Half of the time spent reading I couldn't tell if it was honest opinion or satire.”

“The ads are much too predominant, and the ads that come up with the comment boxes are annoying at best, some even taking up the entirety of the comment box. How is someone supposed to either read comments or post their own when this happens?”

“Any site with ads automatically loses at least one point in my book. One less point for the donation box.”

“What's with the annoying ads in the comments window?”

“This blog hits several of my pet peeves. One-sided politics, too many ads, too many links - in the sidebar and in the posts themselves.
My favorite part of the blog is at the top where it scrolls through the blogname in several different languages.”

“The characterization of General Jesus seems pretty consistent.”

“He posts every day. Sometimes twice a day.”

“Yup. You betcha.”

“Absolutely not. I didn't even want to read it now.”

“Never again.”

OVERALL – 66.9


  • When I first looked at that blog, I wasn't sure if it was satire or serious. It took a bit before I realized it was a joke.

    By Blogger SFChick74, at May 19, 2006 9:55 AM  

  • You ought to see some of the similar blogs that aren't as good. The Webby Awards (humor category) is full of them.

    I was hoping to put all of those blogs on the list to be reviewed, but I don't think a lot of them are good enough. I don't want to waste our reviewers' time.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at May 20, 2006 7:12 PM  

  • Thank you. This was nice. I realize that my blog isn't for everybody and I accept that. I blog for myself, really.

    By Blogger Gen. JC Christian, Patriot, at June 22, 2006 7:31 PM  

  • Wow! I think it takes a great amount of humility to read a pretty harsh review of your blog and say "thank you."

    My first thought was, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

    General, you are a prince among men. Thank you so much for commenting.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at June 23, 2006 7:32 AM  

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