Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Like the tagline says, untitledlife is an “uncensored anonymous blog covering everything from poop etiquette, motherhood and childhood scars to life in corporate America.”

“Sassy and engaging.”

“I thought this was a great blog. It has all the stuff I love – humor, laugh-out-loud moments, and personal stories (some kind of sad because you're pretty sure they're true). Loved it and have already bookmarked it.”

“I like this blog. It's freaking hilarious. I prefer reads where I can relate to the stories and laugh while clapping my hands together, nodding my head up and down and thinking, ‘yep, I know exactly what you're talking about.’ Good stuff.”

“I like the topics because they seem to be things that could actually happen to me, like the dog eating a tampon. My dog eats crayons.”

“I would describe this blog as very average.”

“I don't think I can respect anyone who likes Ryan Adams or Wilco. Plus, who wants to read posts that start off talking about cleaning out closets?”

DESIGN – 6.8
“Everything seems simply enough. It's not too busy and I like the clickables.”

“Busy and distracting. Strikes me as too corporate-looking.”

“Good blog, well written. Liked the news links on the right.”

“The layout isn't bad, but it's a bit scattered and linky. In this respect I think sectioned web backgrounds help to clean up the look of a site a lot.”

“The design is kind of boring. It needs some color to differentiate between the three columns.”

“Sometimes she spells some words incorrectly and it looks intentional. That's one of my pet peeves. I can understand a mistake here and there but not purposely misspelling words. Otherwise she seems to know how to spell and put together really funny sentences.”

“Enjoyable writing style.”

“I'm not sure if it is the subject matter or the writing style, but I had a hard time staying interested. A few posts stand out and prove to be a little funny, such as the one about finding the old mixed tape dedicated to asshole men, but many of the posts drone on and lack structure.”

“The post lengths were fine and there wasn't anything really annoying about it other than the intentional misspelled words. Other than that I give it two thumbs up.”

“Long posts and ads strike again.”

“I'm not gonna ding her for ads. The content of the blog speaks for itself. I got lost in her archives.”

“The ads and links along the sides were unattractive. Not sure why they bothered me so much on this one … can't put my finger on the reason.”

“I guess what bothers me most is that I couldn't find anything truly unique about it. The style, the topics, the wording - I feel like I've read this one many times before.”

“She posts about three times a week. I think that’s the least you can post and still have a positive number.”

“I would definitely read this blog regularly. Hell, I just might work my way through her archives while I'm sitting here at work today.”

“Most definitely.

“Perhaps. On the fence about adding it to my bookmarks.”

“Maybe once a week.”

“I'll come back to give this one another try just in case I missed something, but I don't think I'll read it regularly.”

OVERALL – 82.5
“I needed the laugh today and the tampon story gave me that. ‘Bless You.’”

“I really enjoyed reading this blog, from the honest approach offered by anonymity, to the humor, the rants, and the observations of daily life. It fits in well with other blogs I enjoy reading. I've added it to my blogroll.”


  • Are you finding people hate ads alltogether? I got rid of my Amazon one a long time ago.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at May 18, 2006 1:12 PM  

  • Some people hate ads altogether, but most think they're OK as long as they're not too intrusive.

    For the most part, people hate blinking ads, pop-up ads, huge ads, or any kind of video or music that automatically starts playing when you first visit the site.

    Everyone has a different level of annoyance, but most of our reviewers have been pretty good about knocking down the "intangible" score by a certain amount of points for each infraction.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at May 19, 2006 5:15 AM  

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