Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz admittedly has a “sick, disgusting sense of humor.”

With that in mind, some of our reviewers will shit a brick when they learn he found a temporary spot at the bottom of our Top-50.

Others will be pissing their pants with joy.

Mixed reviews anyone?

“Sure it's funny, but how hard is it to get a laugh out of masturbation and anal sex? He occasionally puts up an entry that shows some actual creativity and imagination, but not often enough to keep me reading.”

“Fizz's posts are juvenile and dirty as hell, but I'd laugh pretty hard at about every other one. He sticks to the same vein of wickedly vile humor, so its not like he's all over the place.”

“What is this? The blog of a masturbatorial 12-year-old? I found it somewhat offensive, and I usually lay claim that one of my many aspects of my personality (my penchant for potty humor and salty language) is due to having been a 12-year-old boy in another life.”

“I love Pop Fizz. He’s not afraid to write about anything and I like that.”

“Pure juvenile crap. There isn't enough bleach in the world to wash out my eyes right now. “

“He's definitely funnier than most bloggers, but the explicitness of his homoerotic posts aren't for the faint of heart.”

“I kept saying to myself, ‘How old is this douchebag?’”

“Tell him to grow the fuck up!”

“I didn't laugh once. Ok, I admit I laughed at the jizz swiffer line, but that's it.”

“The Maf54 IM re-write was pretty funny, even though I hate myself for reading the entire thing.”

“I always think of Pop Fizz and Blog Ho together. Blog Ho gets credit all over the Internet as a ‘genius,’ but Fizz is funnier because his stuff is different everyday.”

“Sexual humor doesn't do it for me.”

DESIGN – 4.9
“Heaven save us from yet another Blogger black template of death.”

“Basic Blogger template.”

“His old design was better, even though that was a piece of shit template too.”

“Standard blogger black template. More crap.”

“Meh... black Blogger template. Could use a little creativity or uniqueness to separate it from the umpteen million other blogs with black Blogger templates.”

“Bring back the white one!”

“Boring blogger template.”

“Of all the Blogger templates, this one is near the bottom of my list. It’s black and boring. Yuck!”

“He owns up to the fact that his spelling and grammar are shitty, but I didn't think it was that bad.”

“For such nasty content, he writes pretty well. Even though the grammar isn't correct in most of his posts, its more like the 'author taking liberties' than the 'idiot who can't put together a complete sentence.’”

“Crappy spelling, grammar, punctuation and abysmal capitalization.”


“At least he admits that he has a grammar problem.”

“Lots of typos.”

“Fizz freely admits his mistakes, but his willingness to write about anything has got to be worth something.”

“POP UPS! POP UPS! DID I MENTION POP UPS? I will give it a 3, because at least it is a clean template, but I really was disgusted by this blog.”

“Immature, misogynistic. The corn and peanuts in my own stool is more compelling and entertaining.”

“The pop-ups are unforgivable. One of them has fucking video and took forever to load before I could make it go away. Thankfully, there weren’t any ads or other bullshit on the page.”

“I'll let you know once my eyes have recovered from reading pages of white type on a black background.”

“I wonder if he has anything to do with (irreverent podcast) Nobody Likes Onions? Those guys are in the Tampa area and have the same sense of humor.”

Pop Fizz makes relatively frequent posts when he’s open for business. However, he’s taken several long breaks in posting over the years. I’ll punt and give it a 5.”

“This rating is being sponsored by the letters, ‘N’ and ‘O.’”

“Fuck yes!”

“Maybe once I've worn out my Andrew Dice Clay standup videos.”

“I already do.”

“Only if someone was pointing a loaded gun to my head, and even then, I'd have some reservations.”

“Um, no.”

“I subscribe to his feed so I don't have to deal with the pop-ups. Besides, you never know when he's going to disappear.”

“Probably not. While his posts can be something funny to read once in a blue moon, I don't see myself checking back all the time for updates.”

“Not even if I got paid for it.”

OVERALL – 67.9


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