Monday, May 22, 2006


The queen of all humor bloggers, Heather B. Armstrong, has taken her rightful place atop our ratings as Dooce managed an average score of 94.3.

Dooce also set new high marks for content, quality of writing, and intangibles.

"Some might call this a mommy blog, but it's more than that. It's more like a window into Heather's life. She’s made some interesting turns ever since she lost her job due to her blog. She definitely made lemonade out of those lemons!"

"I had heard about Dooce before but had never taken time to check out her blog. There isn't much I don't like about this one. The design is clean, the ads are few, Dooce writes well, and her topics are realistic and humorous without her ‘trying’ to be funny."

"I've been following Dooce for about two years now and I never get tired of reading what she has to write. She's one of the smartest (if not THE smartest) bloggers out there and I love her. Plain and simple."

"Good reading. Nice and easy. The occasional insights into the Mormon life are highly entertaining."

"This blog discusses everyday things in an entertaining way. I love it!"

"I hate all mommy blogs except Dooce. Her monthly newsletters to her daughter Leta are priceless. I don’t care about her fucking dog Chuck, but that’s the price I have to pay to read this marvelous writer every day."

DESIGN - 8.2
"Okay, so she had to up the ads on her website and people were giving her shit because they're so distracting, but I really don't mind them that much. Everything else is really nice and organized. Her banners are always great, and the fact that those ads are helping put food on her table for her family is just fine with me. I don't mind it at all."

"Pretty and clean, but the archives can be tricky. There's so much content to sort through which is good, but a challenge to sift through."

"I don’t like the three-column format, but I guess it’s necessary to maximize ad potential."

"Design is a little boring, but does make reading posts easy. Nothing much to distract."

"The only positive thing I can say is that the site is well designed. I only took points off for the lame ads on either side of the content."

"The site is too blah."

"Extremely clean! I love it! I was thinking how pretty the top title bar is with the name in script in the background and then I noticed that it said ‘This website sux sweaty goat balls’ and I think I actually snorted when I laughed."

"Always brilliant. She's funny, witty, and I love the way she writes. She never fails with her sarcasm and I'm always quoting things that she says throughout the day."

"Whether or not it's perfect, her ideas are clear and her writing flows to keep the ideas fresh."

"It's funny, it's easy to read, its written in a simple, chatty, entertaining way. I love it!"


"I don't understand the internet begging. Why should I give you money for something you can do for free?"

"Some pop ups and ads are a little irritable. Plus, I hate the limited commenting. I guess her popularity requires it, but it still pisses me off."

"I don’t mind the ads because I know Heather does this for a living. There’s not a one of us who wouldn’t give up our real jobs to blog full-time if we could. I think the people who gripe about Heather’s ads are just jealous."

"Heather posts at least once a day, sometimes more, even when she’s out of town."

"I already do."

"I used to read it every day, and my interest waned only marginally after she omitted comments from her readers."

"No... yawn."

"I read this blog because it's very quirky and witty. The writing is excellent, and the topics are varying. One of the posts had over 400 comments, so it seems this blog has a huge following."

OVERALL - 84.3
With all the other new records here at BlogLaughs, Dooce is the first blog to get a perfect score from one of our reviewers. (In fact, she got three perfect scores.)

"Have I mentioned I love this blog? I had seen links to this blog on other blogs I've read, but I never took the time to check it out. I was missing out, that's for sure. This blog is great! It's clean visually, it's got light sarcasm, I can really identify with the things she talks about. For me, I really think this blog is going to be hard to top. Impossible, in fact, since I gave it all 10's. It certainly sets the bar for others. I really love it!"

"I've tried to get on board the Dooce train because so many people seem to love it. I figured there must be something to it. I like some of the posts, but overall here's my ‘Randy Jackson moment.’ It's just ‘a'right’ for me."

"I am ashamed to say I enjoy her blog, even though it's overrated as heck."

"Heather is one of my favorite bloggers. I don't care that she is enormously popular and doesn't need the readers. She doesn't need them because she's the fucking master. Her writing is insightful, funny, smart and courageous; and she deserves every bit of credit she receives.

"Heather is one of the few bloggers that can make you blow soda through your nose and tear up all in the same paragraph. Her stories are beautifully multi-dimensional and I not-so-secretly worship her in a very not-stalker-like fashion. Seriously, she's the shit."


  • If a blog makes me blow soda out my sinuses, you know I'm coming back for more.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at May 22, 2006 1:39 PM  

  • I was really surprised that some our reviewers hadn't ever been to Dooce. I was expecting more jaded, "she's overrated" comments. There were only a few like that. Most of our reviewers loved Dooce.

    Some of them are new readers of hers, and that's pretty cool.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at May 22, 2006 2:00 PM  

  • This really is a great site, well worth a read. My gf wonders why I read about another woman's family, but it's just so funny! The few posts I've forced her to read she found hilarious.

    By Blogger Ugly Toy, at May 23, 2006 2:00 AM  

  • If a blog makes me blow a french fry out my nose, I'm never coming back!

    By Blogger Dear AL, at May 23, 2006 9:39 PM  

  • Ugly Toy: That's a weird situation in some relationships, especially when you're reading a bloggers who delves into more R-tated subjects. Of course, sometimes that's easier to explain than reading about some woman's cute kid.

    Dear Al: That sounds painful. :)

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at May 24, 2006 6:50 AM  

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