Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cute Overload

Cute Overload certainly made most of our reviewers say … awww.

"Cute Overload is guaranteed to make you smile, say ‘awww,’ or throw-up, depending on how you feel about cuteness."

"Awww, this is so fucking cute I hope I don’t kill myself!"

"I have never seen a more appropriately named blog."

"I am not a big fan of cute."

"I adore this blog and have had it bookmarked for quite a while. It's a fun relief from all the snarkiness I usually read (i.e. gossip blogs)."

"Too saccharine sweet."

"I really thought this was going to be a tough assignment. I don't do ‘cute’ very well. However, after some serious open mindedness on my behalf, I spent a good 20 minutes there and even let out a few ‘awwws’ while visiting. I'm not a big puppy/kitty person, but there were a lot of cute pictures there. I give it a 7 for content because it really delivers the ‘aw’ factor."

"I like this one better than Stuff On My Cat, but that’s like saying I’d rather get hit in the face with shovel instead of a baseball bat."

DESIGN – 6.4
"Spice up your template!"

"The layout is pretty cluttered, but for some reason, it works here. The bright, spring colors go well with the pictures. The sidebars are looooooong, but again, the site is so heavily loaded with pictures you tend to not notice the clutter."

"Pastels on white? Unattractive and hard to read."

"I'm not crazy about the color scheme and the chaos in the side bars takes away from the content in the middle."

"What writing?"

"Meg writes pretty well. She captions most of the photos and honestly, some of the things she says are cuter than the pictures themselves. She made me laugh out loud with some of her commentary."

"The captions leave a lot to be desired."

"The grammar stinks, really. However, I'd say it's done on purpose to emphasize the ‘cutesy’ theme. Therefore, I don't have much of a problem with it, but if I have to grade simply on the writing/grammar with no excuses for poor quality, then it needs a lowered grade."

"I gave it a nine, only because it has a few too many ads in the sidebar."

"I have to give this a lower number because there are a lot of ads, a tip jar, and too much other crap in the side bars."

"The only thing I am really annoyed with on this page is the huge row of ads off to the right."

"Took forever to load. The blog gets an extra point for a helpful link to the Dog Whisperer web site."

"The content in the sidebars is all over the place. There's something else that bothers me too, but I just can't put my finger on it."

"Too many ads and junk in the side bars. Also, I understand that the whole point of this blog is cuteness, but the moment I opened the page, I threw up in my mouth a little from all the cuteness. It's a little bit overboard."

"Lots of cuteness every day."

"No. That overbearing amount of cuteness depresses me."

"Yes, cute blog."

"I don't think I would, but if I were ever looking to get out of a depression this place would be the first place I would stop."

"Probably not, but I love the concept."

"I'd recommend it for a fun, quick dose of cute!"

"Only if I am permanently on drugs."

OVERALL – 66.2
"Although I'm not one for too much cheesiness, this site is at the very least very unique. Sure it's mushy and sappy, but we all need a little sappiness once in awhile."

"I personally don't care much for this blog. On the other hand, it's a great family blog and it's sure to get some giggles and ‘awwws’ from younger viewers."

"If you don't like puppies and kitties and all things cute, you won't like this blog. It delivers what it promises and you can't knock it for that. The simplicity behind the idea of collecting cutsie animal pictures still gets me. Why didn't I think of that? Duh."

"The cuteness theme is taken to the extreme. However, once I got past the initial nausea from that, I found the pictures to actually be cute, and the captions to be entertaining. This blog is certainly not for everyone, though. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I enjoyed it."


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