Monday, August 21, 2006

Emerald Bile

Some people love a fine Guinness beer. Some people – even red-nosed alcoholics – are completely repulsed at the thought of it.

The same could be said for the popular European blog Emerald Bile.

"It cracks me up how angry these people are and how much they hate everything and how much they cuss. I think if I was in the right mood while reading this blog, I'd find it hilarious. However, in reviewing the blog, I only find it mildly funny here and there."

"Original, biting humor."

"I am not a stranger to foul language, but this is absurd. Some of the entries might be good reads, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to find them."

"These fucking cunts are sodding hilarious!"

"I just don’t get it. I can read all the words, but they don’t mean anything to me."

"While I admire anger, too much is just not a good thing. Short, quick bursts of anger are fine and usually funny. Long drawn out rants are just annoying."

"My goodness these people are angry!"

"Good shit in small doses. I like all the bollocks, fucking, cunt stuff."

DESIGN - 5.0
"A site called Emerald Bile should be green, but it’s just not very attractive. It’s weird to say, but this design is worse than the Blogger templates."

"Straightforward, no question of whose blog it is."

"Bleeding Christ, this fucking blog is ugly."

"Functional but boring. Everything is a wash of the same colors and type sizes."

"It's simple and green, but the font is not easy on the eyes."

"Rather boring."

"I found this site about a year ago. At first, I was drawn to the foul language like a shiny penny on the floor. What I could understand, I thought was funny. After a while I realized the writing just wasn’t good enough to read it regularly. Same shit, different day."

"I have the sense this blog could be entertaining because the writer(s) entries are actually quite talented in spots. But when every other word is ‘fuck’ or ‘cunt’ the writing becomes monotonous and boring. Dropping an occasional F-bomb for effect can have impact, but when you use it constantly the reader becomes numb to it. A better writer would have a better way of expressing their thoughts than resorting to this profanity-laced mess."

"Good use of grammar; and though I am by no means a prude, I just ‘don't get’ where folks from the UK/Ireland overuse the word cunt."

"I don’t care about Robbie Williams or most things from England, but no one talks shit about John Lennon. That’s blasphemy!"

"Other than the non-stop parade of ‘cunts’ running through the blog, there's nothing particularly annoying or praise-worthy."

"I sense a not so obscured hostility. As such, it wouldn't surprise me if these folks get in bar fights frequently."

"No ads, but some of the posts are too long."

"Noreen, Ball Bag and Harry average about one or two posts a week."

"Not if you paid me."

"You’re a wanker if you don’t read this blog!"

"I'm not sure. I don't think so."

"Hell, no."

OVERALL - 62.9


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