Monday, August 07, 2006

The Peevery

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill extreme frustration in an individual. Typically each person has several pet peeves that aggravate him or her more than the average person. Another person may not react as negatively or at all to the same circumstance.

That, my friends, is always the rub here at BlogLaughs.

The Peevery aggravated a few of our reviewers, but most of the scores were fairly positive.

“I'm totally engaged by the assortment of posts, and have literally laughed out loud even. I may even have guffawed, too.”

“I love to bitch and complain, so it was right down my alley!”

“The content was only average.”

“With that many contributors, there better be more than one post per day. The short one-liners were always good for a chuckle.”

“While oftentimes blogs with completely random topics have annoyed me, I find this blog to be really funny.”

“Not funny.”

“I couldn't help myself, I clicked the poop etiquette link. Laughed out loud through the entire thing and forwarded the link to some friends. Crazy. I thought I was beyond the bathroom humor stage.”

“Is this supposed to be funny?”

DESIGN – 7.9
“The look of the design is a little too simple, but the functionality of the design is downright admirable. Every post is archived by category. The blogroll is done through The design works.”

“Clean, straightforward, unique.”

“Nice and clean. I think I like the blogroll. I couldn't quite figure it out (didn't try real hard) but it looks like its categorized rather than just listing the names of a bazillion blogs. I like that idea.”

“It’s a simple, well-done design with a sweet color palate.”

“Good solid writing from an assortment of contributors. Consistent.”

“I find the writing to be well-done in most cases, despite the fact that there are multiple posters, which I would think would leave the potential for poor quality writing wide open.”

“These people are average writers, which in the blog-world should be considered a compliment. I like the short posts.”

“No ads, no problems, nothing. I guess this gets a perfect score.”

“Most of their commenters are themselves, what's up with that?”

“I really like the short posts - it makes it easy to read a couple for a quick laugh and go back for more later, rather than having to get involved in reading a long story.”

“The links are so fucking awesome. I’m totally stealing this idea for my blog.”

“They take donations for public classroom projects, but its not like they’re whoring themselves for Google. It’s a 10 in my book.”

“Thankfully, no pet peeves at a blog about pet peeves. Man, that’s deep.”

The Peevery features at least one or two posts a day.”

“Not my kind of blog.”

“Added it to my faves.”

“I might check in with it sometimes, but many of the blogs on my blogroll are funnier than The Peevery.”

“Very likely.”

“Nah. I’ll pass.”

OVERALL – 78.8
High scores for frequency, intangibles and design lead some very good secondary numbers. The Peevery would have landed higher on the list with higher scores for content.

“It’s not the funniest blog out there, but it’s a very good blog nonetheless.”


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