Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In Passing …

In Passing … is Overheard In New York’s older sister, through they are not really related.

“It’s really difficult not to compare this to Overheard In New York. Eve may have come up with the idea first, but Overheard just does it better. Sorry.”

“Half the quotes are amusing or entertaining, half are not. This is one of those blog concepts that would be better with a team of contributors so that entries would be more frequent and content would be more even (like Overheard in New York). As it is, it's a bit much for one person to take on.”

“I enjoy the randomness. I had to take points off for lack of post frequency.”

“Random things that a person overhears people saying in public has great potential for funniness.”

“I didn’t see many funny posts.”

DESIGN – 3.9
“If you put aside the temporary problem they are having with PHP formatting errors, the blog is readable, but that's about it. Archive navigation is a nightmare, particularly when you consider there's one of those calendars, which is useless and only accentuates how rare new entries are posted. Instead you have to continuously scroll to the bottom of the page for a bunch of page numbers, which is quite poor. There's no eye candy whatsoever, so the layout itself is boring.”

“Pop-up city and ugly to boot.”

“The layout is a little too simple, but not too bad. Why would I want to register to comment?”

“The first few posts I saw had some weird slashes where line breaks or punctuation should be. At first I thought it was some attempt to be poetic, then I realized it was probably an HTML malfunction.”

“Rather boring.”

"Worse than a Blogger template."

“Since these are quotes of things said by other people, eccentricities in grammar are to be expected, but is overall acceptable.”

The slashes all over the place are annoying but its an acknowledged problem that they're working on. Other than that, since these are direct quotes from people, you have to take into consideration people do not use 'perfect' writing and grammar in speaking in normal conversation between friends.”

“There's nothing really annoying except the navigation. Everything else is just bare minimum … nothing great, nothing bad. Posting is a bit infrequent, so I drop the score down to a 5.”

“On my end, the site fails to load.”

“The registration and the begging were the only real peeves.”

“Posts are infrequent, but the site is still going.”

“I wish this blogger would post a little more often.”



“Hell, no.”

“I don't think so. While there is great potential for laughs, I didn't actually find a lot of funny here.”

“I’ll try it out on my feeds, but I can’t imagine anyone checking this site everyday when they rarely post.”

OVERALL – 55.7


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