Monday, October 02, 2006

Wil Wheaton

Much like our review of little.yellow.different, it is with great trepidation I post a mixed review of Wil Wheaton’s blog.

Wheaton is probably best known for acting roles in Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he is also a blogging pioneer with three books to his credit.

Wheaton’s not-so-temporary blog, Wil Wheaton dot Net: In Exile, is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. In 2002, Wheaton won six Bloggies, including Most Humorous Weblog and Weblog of the Year.

“Poor Wil is gonna get killed by the people who aren’t long-time readers, isn’t he? I’m a big fan, but even I’ll admit his blog has suffered as his writing career has taken off. He has several more writing and acting gigs than he did when his blog was blowing up. He’s still just as honest and self-effacing, but reading about his struggles was more interesting than reading about his latest poker tournament. On the other hand, Wil seems much happier in his skin these days. I am truly happy for him. This blog doesn’t quite deserve the 10 I’m going to give it today, but I’m certain it won’t deserve the low scores you’ll get from your other reviewers either.”

“Was this a humorous blog?”

“Copious posts.”

“Very sweet. Ordinary content. Nothing too amazing. Nice to see someone is wordier than I am. I have to admit that nothing made me laugh. A smile or two during the Kmart/StarWars story, but seriously, nothing laugh inducing.”

“Not a fan of Star Trek or any of its incarnations, so there wasn't much to interest me. My dad would probably like it though.”


“The ‘dewdrops in the garden’ post was nice. I often wonder if my husband sees me that way in his beady little mind. … Nah.”

“I miss Wil’s old blog. WWdN used to be really, really good.”

"The story he tells about how he into blogging is one of the best posts I've ever read by anyone. Period."

DESIGN – 6.4
“He’s been ‘in exile’ at Typepad for too long. The lack of a redesign at his primary site just goes to show he doesn’t care that much about his blog anymore.”

“Standard Typepad template, but kudos for being a nice calming blue/gray. Not a lot of thought went into this.”


“The font is just a wee bit too small.”

“Boring but an extra point for neatness.”

“He’s tweaked a standard template, but there isn’t anything bad about that.”

“I love when he writes about his childhood. He has such a sweet way of telling a story. It just goes to show that his casting in Stand By Me was brilliant. Thankfully, he grew up to be better looking than Richard Dreyfus.”

“The writing is fine. Grammar is fine. Stories are fine. Everything is just … fine.”

“Wil is a better writer than he is an actor.”

“Wil is a fantastic writer. His honesty is simply wonderful.”

“Good grammar and spelling and use of punctuation.”

“I still read WWdN because of the writing. When he’s on, there are very few bloggers who compare.”

“Not many ads or other bullshit, but he gets a little long-winded sometimes.”

“He gets points for posing with Charlie McCarthy.”

“Dear God, if I read another poker story I think I’ll poke my eyes out with a stick!”

“I can’t recommend ‘Just a Geek’ enough. It’s as much about ‘blogging’ as it is about anything else. He goes through the same things all of us go through. It’s a good read.”

“I love the video game stuff he writes for The Onion AV Club.”

“Wil has averaged more than six posts a week the past six months. He might not post everyday, but he’ll make up for it with two or three the next day.”

“Already do.”


“I’ll always read Wil’s blog.”

“No. My eyes glazed over. Is his stuff amusing? I couldn't tell.”

“I still read it because the good posts make up for the bad ones.”

“Not a chance.”

“I used to, but not anymore. It’s kind of gone stale.”

OVERALL – 75.3


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