Tuesday, August 15, 2006

-- 2005 Best of Blogs Recap --

Now that all of the finalists in the humor category from the 2005 Best of Blogs awards have been reviewed, let’s take one final look back at this competition.

Dead Guy. The Cartoon. won the contest back in January, followed by AnonymousCoworker and Blogography. Our reviewers flipped things around a little, rating Blogography, AnonymousCoworker, and replacement nominee karlababble ahead of Dead Guy. The Cartoon.

I think there are two major reasons for this disparity – dubious voting procedures and the number of judges for each category (two). We’re not going to waste time rehashing what went wrong with the 2005 Best of Blogs awards, but the organizers know they need some major changes for 2006.

Problems aside, the Best of Blogs do a superior job of promoting relatively unknown blogs. Let’s face it, that’s much more important than awarding a snazzy JPG image to the winning bloggers.

Our final scores went like this:

Blogography not only managed to score higher than all of these competitors, it is currently the highest-scoring blog we have reviewed. AnonymousCoworker and karlababble also managed to work their way into our current Top-10.

* karlababbble was not a finalist in the Best of Blog competition. However, we added this blog to the discussion because one of the other finalists stopped blogging earlier this year. The decision to exclude karlababble was a hot topic when the finalists were announced, so we thought it was an appropriate replacement.


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