Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ken and Ariel

Ken and Ariel inched their way to the top of our poll, lingering just long to enjoy a satisfying review.

Or, a score of 92.

Or, something like that.

“Is there anything better in this life than sex and humor? Ken and Ariel specialize in both. I love this site!”

“Anything sex-oriented is always a plus, but its even better when the content is also funny and witty.”

“Not my cup of tea personally, but I can see how it should appeal to most of the population.”

“Too much sexual talk, which is a big turnoff for me. I personally feel like grownups should be able to find something else to talk about. Then again, maybe the blog is written by a horny 17-year-old.”

“Getting the male and female point of view on sex-related subjects is extremely interesting. Toss in the funny shit and this site is awesome.”

DESIGN – 8.0
“The design is clean and well-done. The photos are fantastic. They’ll make a blind man think about seeing again. Mmmmmm.”

“Simple, but could be better. I always like a design to be uncluttered, but there's nothing about the design that would make me identify it as Ken and Ariel's.”

“Very professional. I liked the ‘about the authors’ and FAQ pages.”

“The font is a little small.”

“The writing is clever and honest. It’s not a writer’s blog like Waiter Rant; it’s the next level down. That’s not a knock. The writing is still much better than most.”

“Funny and witty. Ariel really has a way of making a sex post funny first, and arousing second.”

“Great stuff.”

“No ads, no bullshit, no problems whatsoever. A perfect 10.”

“No complaints in the intangibles category.”

“No ads, begging, or self-promoting an upcoming book.”


“Us sex addicts could use a bit more consistency with posts, but overall its very shafty ... I mean crafty.”

Ken and Ariel average three to four posts a week.”

“Absolutely. It’s one of the best blogs on the Internet.”

“I'd pop in every now and then, but not every day. I have regular reads that I like better.”

“I’ve been reading this one for a long time.”

“Naw, I'll pass.”

“Yes, especially if they posted more often.”

OVERALL – 92.0
When the lowest-scoring category is based on whether our reviewers would read Ken and Ariel regularly, you know the scores are good.

“I’m a pervert. I love this blog. What else can I say?”


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