Monday, July 24, 2006


Fans of Rockchild were quick to point out that this blog might not be for everyone. With an average score of 65.8, it appears there weren't enough regular readers among our reviewers.

“Some people may not get this blog, and that's understandable, but those of us who do will probably become devoted readers.”

“The blogger doesn't post on a regular basis and when he does, they are really long.”

“I just don't get this blog. Is the blogger really in high school or is it just a character they created? It didn't make me laugh at all.”

“Doesn't really write about any topics that are funny in themselves, but I do think the blog is hilarious! I laughed out loud quite often reading this blog, even though I know in my heart of hearts that its really, really stupid and lame.”

“I just couldn’t stay interested long enough to really devour the archives. I’m giving it a 5, but I should really give it something less.”

DESIGN – 6.5
“Clean but boring. I like it but its nothing fabulous. Just nothing real complaint-worthy.”

“Very neat and uncluttered. I like his ‘drawings of friends.’”

“It's not too bad, but it's nothing to write home about.”

“The design is OK. Not great, but not bad.”

“The ‘drawings of friends’ are very good. I’d like to see that kind of artwork worked into the design. Find someone who can design your site around your artistic talents and you will really have something.”

“The quality of writing is not very good. I think some of it is on purpose, but I just don’t get it. Sorry.”

Rockchild is a good writer, I wish there was more variety in his posts.”

“This is a hard one because the person posting misspells some words on purpose.”

“I wasn't sure if the mistakes were intentional or not. Either way, it was really annoying.”

“This is a toss up. The style of writing the guy uses is actually pretty damn funny, but in parts of his posts it can really annoying when he's describing something that you need to read in plain language.”

“I don't know what it is about his style of writing, but its pretty damn funny to me.”

“The spelling and grammar are really bad. ‘Quality’ is not a word I'd use here. It's like reading something my 5-year-old might have written. But I think that's partly why it was so funny!”

“Everything I like dislike about this blog is very tangible.”

“How come his blogroll is gone? I was on it. [cries]”

“Other than the really bad writing/grammar/spelling, I don’t find a whole lot of pet peeves here. Since writing is rated in another category, I can't really take off points for that here.”

“The sidebar is not the greatest, but nothing too annoying.”

“Frequency stinks but we [reviewers] don't rate that, right?”

Rockchild averages about one or two posts a week. We’ll score it as twice a week since they added BlogLaughs to their blogroll.”

“No way.”

“Already do.”

“No. It was kind of cute, but not really my thing.”

“Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that I would.”

“Uh, no.”

“Yes, as long as I could get used to his writing.”

“I can’t imagine reading this blog regularly.”

OVERALL – 65.8
“I've been reading Rockchild for a long time now, but I can understand how he's not for everybody. It's a lot of the same thing and it does get boring at times. However, I am willing to forgive and forget all minor drawbacks for inventing the term ‘beaver face,’ which is being extensively used by myself and my family members!”


  • We think it's the best sitcom blog out there or we would not have put Rockchild on our Blogroll. If there is any blog that can be turn into a TV show this is it! Hilarious!

    RC, we love ya!

    By Blogger The Dormitory Boys, at July 25, 2006 12:04 PM  

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