Friday, July 28, 2006

Today In Alternate History

There’s no easy way to do this. Today In Alternate History garnered the lowest score our reviewers have given.

"This guy is obviously very intelligent, but he’s not smart enough to make this blog entertaining. I’m very certain he’s not writing for me, but the average visitor shouldn’t feel like they just walked in on a plumber’s convention."

"Confusing design, too many ads, and posts that aren't very clear cut make for a very difficult-to-read blog."

"Great concept, but his writing needs to kick up the funny."

"I find history boring. Sorry."

"Interesting, very original!"

"Meh, I didn't find it humorous at all."

"I gave DUmmie FUnnies a 1, so I guess this is a 2. This makes my brain hurt."

"To someone who is interested in history, I can see how this would be a fascinating blog. However, I hate history. I couldn't make myself read this blog."

DESIGN - 3.8
"The design is bad, but the Looking Back cartoons are very good. Too bad they are surrounded by an ugly template that’s been augmented with some of the most distracting ads and graphics I’ve ever seen. Less is more, not the other way around."

"Horrible Blogger template."

"Way too many ads, upon ads, upon ads, upon ..."

"I like the green color. However, the side bar was actually not next to the blog, but at the bottom of everything. Weird. Maybe its my computer. I also thought there was a heck of a lot of ads and buttons all over the place."

"He writes well, I just found the content boring."

"All the ads and the bad design make it tough to want to read very far back in the archive."

"He’s a good writer. Too bad the subject sucks."

"Some of the posts are way too long."

"I actually have no idea how the writing is because I couldn't stand reading any of it, but the picture on the profile looks like this is a well-educated person, so I'm willing to assume the writing is good."

"I hope to God his book was a self-publish job."

"This blog is all about the intangibles. Its ugly, greedy, and downright distracting. Hit delete and start again."

"Does the author really have to end his every post with the same bunch of links and ads and requests for cash? Especially when these same links are already on the sidebar."

"Taking off for the screwed up sidebar and for having lots of buttons and ads, even though I already deducted for that in web design."

"Protocols of the Zion Elders, Part I is not an especially great name for a book. Even if the book is a literary masterpiece completely devoid of racism, 99 percent of people will not buy it just because of the title ... and the remaining 1 percent will buy it for all the wrong reasons."

"Not too much to make me want to stick around."

"A liberal Texan? Does he raise unicorns too?"

"Like it or not, Robbie Taylor posts everyday."


"I would never read this blog again!"

"History is not my cup of tea, so I probably won't; but I might recommend it to my friends."

"No. I didn't even read it the first time."

"I hate this blog with a passion."


"Can I take what’s behind Door No. 2?"

OVERALL - 48.9
"It reminds me of ‘In the year 2000' or The Onion, but not as funny. I like the idea of ‘alternative history,’ but this site just doesn't do it for me. Maybe I just don't know enough about real history."

"It’s mandatory for newbies to read the FAQ and dig into the archives. That’s the only way to understand this blog."


  • I wanted to like that blog, but I don't have time to read an entire blog from its beginning.

    A blog should be something you can go to at any time and find entertaining/interesting, independent of its previous posts.

    By Blogger SFChick74, at July 28, 2006 10:12 PM  

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