Monday, May 29, 2006


Fafblog had two strikes against it before our reviewers got a hold of it.

First, there haven’t been any new posts at Fafblog since April 4, 2006.

Secondly, the last political satire blog reviewed here didn’t score so well.

"I liked the content of this site better than Jesus General, but the design is just flatout ugly."

"Sadly, it's politics. On the bright side, it's well written. I laughed a little."

"I love the pic of the week. That's hysterical. However, the rest of the content I found to be irritating."

"Content vacillates too much. Too serious to too silly."

"Senseless rambling."

DESIGN - 3.3
"As soon as the page loaded, I felt like I was transported back to the 70s on a bad acid trip. Whoa. Not for those who get frequent aneurysms. It's pretty, but I dunno. It makes me long for a Jimi Hendrix tune and a joint."

"Liked the color green and the neat pictures. Disliked the layout where an average post is about two and a half inches wide and therefore ten pages long."

"I hate the colors. Way too busy."

"That is the most obnoxious green I've ever seen, and I like green!"

"I'm not a fan of their color choices, nor the actual layout. It's too busy and makes my brain hurt."

"Too green, not all text visible on screen."

"From what I saw before my eyes started to bleed, everyone seems to have passed English Comp 2. That's good enough for me."

"Very decent."

"I found several spelling and grammatical errors."

"Okay, so they can sort of write, but what really got on my nerves was the fact that they would say ‘an’ instead of ‘and.’ Did his fingers just give up on that word? Can he not finish typing the entire word out? Annoying."

"This blog hits so many pet peeves, I can't even list them all. This blog is a pet peeve. Ugly color scheme, a bazillion and a half links along the sides, incoherent rambling."

"It's bad enough when my children ask me for money, much less strangers."

"The long posts and the odd color were obvious negatives."

"The posts were pretty infrequent before the hiatus."

"No fucking way. Oh my God, I hate it so much it caused me to cuss in my review!"

"Unlikely. I've seen this site before and wasn't compelled to put it in my bookmarks. I know where to find it if I want to read it, and I still do not seek it out."

OVERALL - 53.4
"I just don't get it. This blog makes no sense to me whatsoever. I had to force myself to spend enough time there to make an informed judgment about the ratings I was going to give. This blog is supposed to be funny? My sense of humor must be all wrong."

"Not a bad blog. Just not my cup of tea."

"I had to take points off for the lack of updates and the fact that I was just confused by most of it."


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