Friday, May 26, 2006

Mimi Smartypants

As one of our reviewers explained, "Mimi Smartypants is a smart, funny, mommy blog."

Of course, as always, not everyone saw it that way.

"An average blog. Not exceptionally good, not exceptionally bad, probably an interesting read for the author's friends and family."

"While I enjoyed the content, some of the posts could be broken up into smaller ones. I do appreciate the sarcasm weaved throughout the blog."

"Didn't grab my attention."

"I can relate on a couple of things, like spending too much time on message boards, having kids, etc. That, in fact was what kept me from hitting that back button."

"Lot's of content, some entertaining."

"Normal everyday topics I can easily identify with."

DESIGN - 6.0
"Uncluttered and easy to read, but I don't like the background color."

"Too blue, and not a pleasant hue of blue either."

"I am a nice person, but come on! The author should be able to design a better site if she spends at least one hour actually working on the site's design."

"I'm all for simple, but boring is boring. Plus, I read right into a totally separate post without even realizing it. At least let me know where the posts start and end."

"Very clean. And I like penguins. It took me a while to figure out how to get from one post to the next. Maybe I'm navigation-challenged."

"Well-written and amusing without trying too hard. I liked that."

"Excessive use of parenthesis, but the writing is unique with variation."

"Slightly rambling but not intolerably so."

"Yay! No ads!"

"Some of the posts were on the long side, which if you're into reading mommy blogs isn't a bad thing. It was well written and didn't have any of the annoying adds/links that many of the mommy blogs I've stumbled across seem to have."

"Oh, God. I hate long posts."

"The posts are long and run-on (if that may be said of a post). However, I've written longer posts, so in the spirit of ‘nobody's perfect’ I'm not giving it a lower score."

"I feel like there should be more. Some favorites, maybe? A little more detail on the author? Something? Also, the light blue is like icy fire to my eyes. It burns!"

"The long posts just drain every bit of likeability I have for this blog. Too bad."

"She usually posts about once a week."

"Heck no. Life is short."

"Sure, why not?"

"Yes, I love this blog."

"I tried reading this blog over a year ago when I saw an interview where Heather Armstrong of Dooce said she liked this blog. To me, it’s a poor man’s Dooce. Just not my thing."

OVERALL - 68.5
"It's an average blog; nothing here really is excellent or stands out. Very ho-hum. Nothing special. (Yawn). Although it's not a bad blog either."

"All in all I think this is a great blog. The design is clean and not distracting, navigating isn't a problem once you figure it out, and the writing is humorous. However, I feel like there's something lacking, I just can't put my finger on what it is."

"Mimi is funny, well-versed and a little neurotic, but I mean that in a nice way. I like the writing because it is sincere and she doesn't seem too concerned with trying to please anyone. She's naturally funny and you can tell she writes for her own sake, so the read feels authentic. I think a little variation in the types and lengths of the posts would make this blog a little more unique and interesting though."


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