Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Banterist slipped into our current No. 12 spot with generally favorable marks from all of our reviewers.

“This blog is pretty funny. Very witty with a mix of both lowbrow humor and intelligent irony. I love the bit about incorrect grammar being all around us. The only issue I had was the site layout. The body is squished all the way to the left. His writing and pics should take center stage. Great blog.”

“I have fallen in love with Banterist. The content ranges from the intentionally silly to the political to the interesting. There is not a dull moment to be found. I had more laugh out loud moments with this blog than I have had with any other in a long time. I might have even snorted once or twice. The MTA Store for Germaphobes has to be my absolute favorite. If you ever lived in NYC you will totally relate. Content is a fat 10. If I could post an 11, I would.”

“The Grammar Cop posts are good for a laugh.”

“Amusing enough.”

“We lowlifes appreciate a sneak peek into a life of the celebrity crowd. Liked the Photoshop Awards post, too!”

“This blog has its moments, but is a bit uneven. I found myself cracking up on one entry, but then completely bored on the next. This would be forgivable if he posted with any regularity but, since he doesn't, he should be hitting more home runs than this.”

DESIGN – 6.1
“I didn't like the way the archives shortened up the posts. It's picky, but I'd rather the posts show the date they were posted. At least it didn't show the date on the front page.”

“Nothing tragic, but the overflowing sidebars and abundance of ads really work against a cohesive look.”

“Classy, neat lines. Great layout. Nice columns in colors that are conducive to spending a long time reading.”


“The design would be very good if it weren’t for all the ads. A couple of them look too big for the side panels.”

“Well written and easy to read. Nothing to get excited over, but great compared to most blogs.”

“The writing is articulate and the grammar is spot on. Brian has a way with words, that's for sure. It's not easy to post conversational type posts, but he manages with flair.”

“Someone with posts about grammar better score high in this category.”

“I didn't much care for the actual text entries. However this blogger knows good grammar and punctuation, which kept this score to a solid 7 in this category.”

“The man knows how to use his apostrophe's proper'ly. (sic) I've got to respect that.”

“He’s a pretty good writer. Not the funniest in the world, but he’s still a good writer.”

“His Google ads are out of control. There are so many of them. Gads.”

“Normally I don't dig blogs heavy laden with Youtube stuff and nothing original, however the selections were decent enough. His use of Gallagher kept this score to a 7.5 (who doesn't enjoy gratuitous melon bashing?)”

“Ads galore.”

“Doesn't show the date of his entries, and that's kind of lame. Of course, since he doesn't post very often, I guess that's one way to camouflage it.”

“The one side panel is great. The archives are organized by both category and month with totals for each. There’s a FAQ, most popular posts, all kinds of good stuff. Of course, right next to it is another side panel full of ads. That sucks!”

The Banterist has averaged about two posts a week the past year. However, the frequency is usually down during the summer months.”


“Absolutely. He is bookmarked and will be added to my page this weekend. Thank you BlogLaughs for this find!”

“Not likely.”

“Subscribed to it.”

“Sure, if he'd post regularly.”

OVERALL – 85.2


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