Monday, August 28, 2006

Jonathan Coulton

Looking at Jonathan Coulton’s work in the context of a "humor blog review" is not the easiest thing to do.

Some of our reviewers skimmed the surface and discarded it. Some dug deep and didn’t think it was all that great. Others thought it was nothing short of genius.

Either way, our reviewers had lots of opinions. Let’s get to it ...

"This one is difficult to judge at face value. At first glance, it’s not a ‘humor blog.’ But then again, if Jonathan Coulton’s songs were written without music, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would say these ‘posts’ were not clever, poignant, witty, sweet, or sometimes funny. Throw in the fact that he’s a brilliant musician and this blog has to be considered very good."

"I don’t know if I’d call this a humor blog, but the quality of the free content is better than you get from most blogs."

"I just didn't find the blog funny. It seemed more music oriented or something."

"I’m not from New York, and I had never heard of Soterios Johnson before, but the whole idea of a straight-laced news guy who lives to dance is brilliant."

"His regular songs are OK, but I’m not into the whole funny song thing."

"Love his Tom Cruise Crazy tune. That alone sells it."

"The first song I heard was Rock and Roll Boy on the Delta Park Project. Jonathan found a little song some 6-year-old kid sang into a recorder and turned it into a real song with backup vocals, a guitar solo, and everything. After that, I was hooked. Good, good stuff."

"This isn't a humor blog."

"I have more Jonathan Coulton songs on my iPod than I have The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin combined. That’s so wrong, but I don’t care. I love JoCo’s music."

"The music is amusing enough, but where's the funny? Sure a few tunes I listened to brought a smile to my face because they were clever (Skullcrusher Mountain is an instant classic) but I don't find myself laughing at all. Maybe he's just too subtle for me, because I love musical comedy by the likes of Stephen Lynch and Evan Wecksell?"

"Drinking With You, Big Bad World One, Madelaine, and You Could Be Her are not nearly as funny or clever as Tom Cruise Crazy or Code Monkey, but they’re not supposed to be. Those songs are just damn good. Those songs should be on the radio."

"Brian Wilson would never write a song about a kid riding in a stroller. Cute song."

DESIGN – 6.0
"Same old WordPress template I've seen a hundred times. The good news is that this means it's easy to read, the bad news is that it also means the site is boring to look at."

"The top is a bit cluttered and confusing. I thought the upcoming shows list was some kind of annoying ad."



"I like blogs that have a FAQ and other features. This one even has its own forum. You can’t beat that."

"His song writing is exceptional. The writing on the blog is only average, but I don’t care about that. His music is everything."

"The quality of his writing is nothing special, but the quality of his music is good so I'm giving him an 8 here."

"Perfect 10 for song writing only."

"For some reason, it bugs me when people toot their own horns with excerpts of their appearances in the press. Maybe it's because I haven't appeared in the press."

"He likes monkeys, and that's worth quite a few intangible points!"

"He sells stuff, but not nearly as much as he gives away."

"Jonathan Coulton’s ‘Thing a Week’ is, of course, weekly. His other posts depend on his schedule, what people send him, and other happenings."

"Oh, yeah. Good music."

"No, but I might check back from time to time to see what new music he's posted."

"Yep. I even listen to the Popular Science Podcast (hosted by Jonathan Coulton) and I don’t normally care for that kind of thing. Coulton makes it interesting."

OVERALL – 87.0
"Thing a Week is supposedly ending soon and that makes me sad. I plan on buying some CDs and t-shirts because I want to help support him. Jonathan Coulton deserves to make music for a living."