Friday, September 01, 2006

April Winchell

Some our reviewers are fans of April Winchell. Others didn’t know anything about her.

The reviews seemed to run the gamut, but April managed better than average scores in every category.

“April is completely whimsical and real. I love that she honors her parents and the kiddie empire they had. She manages to stay grounded, funny and not the typical victimized ‘child of a star.’ She's a celeb in her own right and her Weblog reflects that.”

“An interesting blog that I'll probably bookmark, but I don't find it particularly funny. Apparently she's a famous radio personality because she's always referencing her ‘show’ but there's no ‘about me’ link so I can know for sure who she is or what she does.”

“Cool pop culture stuff. Not really all that funny, but I’ll add it to my feeds.”

April Winchell is one of my favorites. I love her.”

“I didn’t know anything about April until I got the link. I loved her dad, so I was pretty kind in my review. It’s a nice blog.”

DESIGN – 6.4
“Kind of boring and difficult to read after a while with that bright blue-purple background. Nothing terribly offensive, but nothing terrific either.”

“The layout isn't too bad, but the purple font on that light blue background is not easy to read.”

“Simple and clean.”

“Too purple.”

“The design isn’t all that bad, but I’m not crazy about the purple.”

“She occasionally drops a ‘t’ when she is typing, which is what keeps her so real and down to earth. We all make screw-ups while typing our blogs. Her writing is funny, conversational and with an amusing narrative. I really like it.”

“I really like her writing, and think she has a talent for entries that are quick well-written reads.”

“Her grammar isn’t that great. I noticed a handful of errors without really looking for them. Her writing is enjoyable, nonetheless.”

“When will people stop the panhandling? I also couldn't figure out how to find the archives, so I had to take off points for that. I don't get it. Did she just start blogging or what?”

“Fantastic collection of audio clips.”

“Anybody that has a ‘CLICK HERE TO DONATE’ button in their header automatically loses points.”

“Why is a Hollywood celeb hitting us up for donations? Shouldn't it be the other way around?”

April Winchell posts at least once a day.”

“I already do!”


“I don't know about ‘regularly’ but I think I will be visiting again, yes.”

“I have.”

“Just bookmarked her.”

“Yes! Not bad at all! I will be back.”

OVERALL – 80.7


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