Monday, September 04, 2006

Bloggin' Outloud

At this point in time, I’m not quite sure which site listed Bloggin’ Outloud as one of the funniest sites on the Internet.

Needless to say, our reviews not only disagree. Some of them seem quite pleased this blogger decided to stop blogging earlier this month.

“More proof that I just don't get conservative humor. To each his own.”

“Meh. I guess it's okay if you're into this kind of psuedo-news aggregator thing. I kept looking for the funny, but didn't find anything to laugh at.”

“I have to give points for effort, but I just didn't find much funny on this blog.”

“It's a bit distracting, but amusing and interesting nonetheless. Interesting click throughs, and MP3s etc.”

“Homophobic rants are not funny. I hope there's a special place in hell for people who genuinely promote hate in Jesus' name."

“Some posts are a little funny, but not that interesting.”

“There's no real rhyme or reason to this blog, and you can tell from the posts. The blog isn't really 'bad' per se, but not enough there to keep me coming back or reading all the way through the posts.”

DESIGN – 3.9
“A complete mess. There's so much going on in those three columns that it's difficult to know where to focus your attention.”

“Wow. Chaos central. The clock thing scared me when it went off. I thought something was wrong with my computer. I don't quite understand the double comment options. It was really tough for me to focus on the content with all the crap going on in the design.”

“Very busy with two sidebars, and that doesn't make it any easier to read. Pasting the Haloscan trackbacks directly into blog posts may have seemed like a good idea at first, but doing that just makes it look like the formatting on the blog got messed up somewhere.”

“It’s a long download for me, and I’m on a T-1 line. I can’t imagine the dial-up folks. Clunky, slow, and relatively ugly. The design stinks.”

“Not that the writing had bad grammar, but it just didn't flow. I found myself skipping to the end of posts or going on to the next one because the one I was reading couldn't keep my interest.”

“Strictly middle-of-the-road here. Nothing terrible. Nothing impressive.”

“Grammar, punctuation and content appear to be in order.”

“The writing is average, at best.”

“There is just so much of everything that it hurts to look at it. If they made even a small effort to organize the blog, get rid of some of the crap cluttering it up, and learn to use extended entries instead of scrollbars everywhere, it wouldn't be nearly so annoying.”

“There are a lot of things to complain about here, but consider yourself lucky if you’re not on this site at the top of the hour. The little graphic is an alarm clock, but the sound is like a gong going off once for every hour like a grandfather clock. This alone pushes the intangibles for this site to a big, fat zero. I’ve never experienced anything more annoying at any site.”

“He makes a big deal about saying his site is ‘ad free.’ Too bad it has so many other linking, blinking logos. Yuck!”

“There was a time when this blog was more frequent, but that drifted away toward the end.”


“Probably not.”

“No. I’m glad this blog closed up shop.”

OVERALL – 47.2


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