Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Mixed reviews haven’t plagued us in a while, but Oblivio brings us back to a familiar "love it or hate it" theme ... at least as far as content.

"I don’t know if I’d call this guy funny, but I like him. He’s a good writer. Right now, I’m thinking he’s more clever or witty than funny. We’ll see."

"My eyes glazed over when I started reading this. I don't think it would be fair for me to rate this blog, as I'm not into technical jargon or technical humor. It just didn't grab me."

"I was really surprised at his picture when I looked at the about page. He is much younger than I had imagined. He’s a wise man for his age."

"This blog didn't seem very funny to me. A little odd, maybe, but it didn't even evoke a small chuckle."

"This isn’t really a humor blog, but it’s still well-done. It’s a good personal blog."

DESIGN – 8.3
"The design seemed pretty slick and fairly easy to navigate."

"Very clean."

"I liked the design at his business site better, but this one’s still good. I’m not real crazy about the single color. A little accent color would go a long way on this page."

"Very well-done, simple design."

"The guy does this for a living. It’s good."

"Some posts are stream-of-conscious. Some are not. Should I write like this some more? Do you think anyone would notice? I better stop."

"He seemed to write OK but I was so bored by his posts that I didn't finish one."

"I like his casual writing style."

"This read like one of those 'nothingness people columns' you see in newspapers. Kind of like USA Today's Craig Wilson. I liked it."

"I love the thing on the left that gives you a random post from his favorites. That’s so cool."

"There are large gaps in his posting history."

"He’s got a couple 'hire me' links, but it’s not like he’s got flashing Google ads or anything like that. He’s got an about page, favorite posts, and other extra features. Not much to complain about here."

"Oblivio has averaged about two posts a week if you go all the way back to the beginning. Recently, its been more like once a month. That being said, we’ll split the difference and give it two points."

"I’ll try to add him to my feed reader, but he doesn’t post enough to check all the time myself. His site is perfect for a feed reader."

"Never again will I read this blog. BOR-ING!"

"Yes, if he updates more regularly."

"Yuck. No."

"Yes, very good."

"Not a chance."

OVERALL - 69.3


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