Friday, September 08, 2006

Touch My Belly

Gideon Boomer has been convincing strangers to touch his belly since 1999.

Remarkably, Touch My Belly has remained humorous all these years despite a simple, yet seemingly repetitive process. Our reviewers loved it.

“I'm torn on this. I love the concept for the project, but the repetition is kind of boring. How many times will somebody touching his belly be funny? I think we've passed the limit. He does occasionally write something amusing along with the latest picture which does keep things fresh, so I'm bumping him up to an 8 from a 6.”

"’One trick pony’ concept blog. Surprisingly he's had it for years, and I'm always surprised he gets complete strangers to touch his belly.”

“Consistently good.”

“It's not just the photos, but the captions that made me laugh out loud. How can you not laugh at Disco Stu? I'm surprised this guy doesn't have hundreds of comments on each post.”

“This is a great idea! And all of the pictures are unique and made completely by the blog's author. How awesome is that! He even has a funny caption in addition a witty write-up for every picture. Freakin' hilarious.”

“The way he looks away for most pictures is just priceless. I have no idea why I like this site so much.”

“My favorite picture that I saw on the front page was the one with ‘Disco Stu.’ I can't believe he even ran into someone dressed like that, let alone got him to touch his belly and hold a cigarette at the same time.”

“A couple of the photos made me hot. Can I say that?”

DESIGN – 5.8
“A little boring, but I don't care. The pictures are easy to see and nothing is cluttering up the page or the posts. It looks a little too much like a default Blogger template, but I don't care because the content's so funny.”

“Average, uninspired.”

“Hideous Blogger template, but gets the job done I guess. At least you can read it.”

“Of all the Blogger templates, I hate this one the most.”

“There's so little writing that it's hard to tell. What's there looks fine, but I have to knock off points because he could certainly give more story with each entry.”

“Not much writing, this is a photo driven blog.”

“He's very good at writing short captions to the pictures that are pretty damn funny. His write-ups that he does for how he got some of those pictures are funny in their own right.”

“The writing is relatively funny. Much better than most photo sites, but it’s still a photo site.”

“The page is too long, which makes it a tough load with all those photos. I wish there was more background given as to how he came up with the idea.”

“The guy is a talented illustrator, and anybody who visits should follow the link to Me Illustration Blog to check it out.”

“I don't know exactly what it is, but the uniqueness behind this blog and the quality of writing really make me like it.”

“Gideon averages 1-2 posts a week, but the numbers are skewed because he often posts multiple photos.”

“This is going to sound weird, but the lack of frequent posts is probably good for this blog. If he posted more often, I’d get sick of it. I know you can’t give him more points for posting less, but it totally works for this blog.”

“I already do.”


“I already do. It’s the perfect blog for a feed reader. Just when I forget about this blog, Gideon posts a picture and it makes me laugh."

“I've seen it around, though won't put it on my sidepanel. It's good for a quick giggle, if that, but nothing life affirming or laugh out loud amusing about it. It's kind of like Post Secret, wherein you know what to expect when you click to it, however it lacks Post Secret's schmaltziness and sense of community.”


“Yes, I just added it to my Bloglines feed reader.”

OVERALL – 85.3


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