Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Defective Yeti

Defective Yeti had a couple of big fans among our reviewers, and a couple of people who didn’t care for this blog at all. However, for the most part, our reviewers gave it favorable reviews across the board.

“Not every post is laugh-out-loud funny, but Matthew Baldwin writes a nice, clever blog. Very witty, clever stuff. He’s a professional writer and it comes across in his work here at Defective Yeti.”

“Some interesting stories. I got a few chuckles here and there. Far from uproariously funny, but the content was thoughtful, bordering on insightful and amusing.”

“Clever, witty posts.”


“Matt covers a wide range of subjects that are of interest to me. Hey, I'm a geek. Give me sci-fi and board games any day.”

“I got a big kick out of the post and an even bigger kick out of the comments. Some guy named Drax left a response in ‘Buckwheat speak’ that cracked my shit up.”

“Not particularly thrilling topics in and of themselves, but really funny.”

DESIGN – 6.5
“Simple and clean, the way I like it.”

“Huge masthead for ‘the little blog that couldn't.’”

“Nice and uncluttered. Easy to read.”

“Pretty boring. Very white.”

“The design isn’t all that great, but it’s far from the worst I’ve seen.”

“The writing is very good. Clear, concise and consistent. I like it.”

“Good use of grammar. Dry, unengaging posts.”

“I give it a 9 only because I'm afraid to give anyone a 10 for fear that I might have missed something really huge and will feel like an idiot when I read what everyone else said about it. It seems to me that this writer does well grammatically and writes in a fashion that is very readable. And funny.”

“Matthew is a writer’s writer. I wish he posted more often, but I understand most of us have to work for a living. Quality, quality stuff.”

“I hate Flickr ads in the sidebars of any blog. I also hate the ‘current’ thing.”

“Too stark. Long, rambling dry posts.”

“He posts about three times a week.”

“Already do.”


“Probably not. Too many long posts for my taste.”

“I’ve been reading this blog for about a year and a half.”

OVERALL – 81.1
High numbers for content and writing led the way to a pretty good average score for Defective Yeti.

“One of my favorite blogs. Smart, funny, thought provoking and highly recommended.”


  • Gotta love the Yeti :)

    I'm surprised it didn't do better...

    By Blogger Ugly Toy, at June 15, 2006 2:00 AM  

  • I like it too, but our reviewers have such a wide range of opinions its really difficult for any blog to score really high.

    One of our reviewers has never given anything more than a 7 for content. Another one has never given anything less than a 7. :)

    Some people don't send in reviews if they don't like a blog while others have no problem ripping them to shreds.

    After 20 reviews, I'm really surprised at the diversity of opinions. I expected some blogs to garner a "love it or hate it" vibe, but so far they've kind of all been like that.

    I think every blog that scores over 70 is a getting a pretty good endorsement. I was thinking that number would be a little higher but its alright either way. They're all being rated on the same scale.

    BTW, if any of the new readers want to be reviewers just send an e-mail to I'll put you on the reviewers' list.

    By Blogger BlogLaughs, at June 15, 2006 7:06 AM  

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