Monday, June 12, 2006


Some of our reviewers admitted not watching much television. However, those who watch some of the shows highlighted at TVgasm liked the site very much.

"Hilarious re-caps, better than the shows most of the time."

"Shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills are perfect for this blog. In fact, the only reason I occasionally watch those shows is so I get the jokes when I read recaps like these."

"Sheer boredom. I am not a fan of television blogs. I have maybe four or five shows that I watch consistently. I don't like reading about television shows. It reminds me that I am wasting my life watching the four or five that I actually do care to see."

"Making fun of trash TV is too easy sometimes."

"Boring for me because I dont watch enough TV to know what this blog is talking about half the time. But to someone who is very "into" TV, I suspect it might be slightly interesting."

DESIGN - 5.9
"As my grandmother Mildred used to say..."Oy vey, vatta schtupin mess!" I have been on this site for less than 10 seconds and already, my eyes hurt."

"The design bothers me a little. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m giving it a 6."

"Professional, direct, yet a bit too much stuff in side panels."

"Nothing exciting. I'm getting good at ignoring the stuff in the sidebars. Other than all that crap, the site is clean-looking enough, but kind of boring. White?"

"Fine and fine. Here, have an 8."

"Pretty good quality, sarcastic writing."

"Good use of grammar and engaging content."

"The writing itself is done fairly well even if it didn't say anything interesting."

"The site made me run some Active X control and crashed my Internet Explorer when I tried to bypass it. Major points off for crashing anything on my computer. Fuck you, Active X."

"One of my biggest peeves are films embedded into blogs. I also cannot stand the clutter, the ads that run all over the place and I don't like any blog that advertises MySpace. Feh."

"Lots of crap in the sidebars. I really don't like having to ‘jump’ to read the whole post."

"Ads, Active X bullshit, videos, extra clicks to read some entries, just too much senseless crap. This kind of stuff really hurt my overall opinion of this blog."

"Two or three posts a day."

"Sure. They have a new reader from now on."

"Only if my life depended on it."

"Already do."

"Probably not."

OVERALL - 81.6
"I don’t read everything because I don’t care about some of those shows, but the rest of it is great."

"I'm still pissed off at that Active X thing."


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