Monday, June 19, 2006


Gawker may be one of the most popular entertainment blogs in the world, but some of our reviewers felt it suffered from it’s regional appeal.

Of course, with about 300,000 visitors every day, some of our reviewers gave it the highest scores of any blog they’ve reviewed.

"Who hasn't read Gawker yet? It's right up there with Dooce."

"I've heard of this blog, but never bothered to read it. Now I know why ... it's a freaking mess."

"Even for a person completely uninterested in celebrity gossip, such as myself, this blog proved to be a good read. It does not limit itself to purely gossip either. Some of the topics covered were of interest to me."

"Really boring."

"Not my kind of blog."

"For the most part you have to be from Manhattan to understand most of the posts."

"I have little to no interest in Manhattan or its gossip."

"They do as much linking to other gossip sites as they do writing something original. I really, really don’t care about anything happening in Manhattan either."

"I guess it might be mildly entertaining for residents of New York."

"This is, by far, the least humorous of all the gossip sites. No fun here, just news about things I can't stand."

DESIGN - 5.1
"The actual ‘blog’ part only takes up what, 1/3 of the screen? Maybe I have a setting wrong?"


"All those freaking links and smushed together sentences made my eyes burn. Not to mention it seemed that half the page was taken up by ads!"

"Good quality, easy to read and navigate."

"Horrible – difficult to read, tons of ads, arggghh!"

"It's OK, but a little busy when you first load it up. Too many large ads right at the top."

"Big shot blog design with no soul. Of course, you can probably buy one by clicking on one of the many ads."

"Professional writers, writing about things I don’t care about."

"Frequent posts, good use of grammar, timely."

"From the few sentences I could bring into focus, there didn't seem to be many errors."

"Had a hard time making myself read any of it because the overall look so did not appeal to me, but I didn’t notice anything wrong with the parts I read."

"Sidebar crap takes up too much room."

"I hate having to register to comment. The ads caused the main content to be smushed over to the left making it mostly intelligible. Please make better use of the white space!"

"Ads, extra clicks, ads, New York arrogance, ads, and some kind of bullshit that crashed my computer twice!!! Oh, did I mention the ads?"

"Several posts every day."


"Yes. Good quality, easy to read and navigate."

"Not really. Too cookie-cutterish. Too many folks are just regurgitating the latest and greatest celebutainment rather than coming up with something innovative, inventive, original and amusing."

"No. Too much trouble trying to determine what is a post and what is an ad."

"I can guarantee you I’ll never visit this site again on my own free will. Life is too short."

OVERALL - 67.9
Mixed reviews kept Gawker from scoring too high or too low. Quality writing and frequent posts couldn’t make up for mediocre content and below average scores for design and intangibles.

"All those readers cannot be wrong. Good blog."

"Hated it. They do have some cool t-shirts you can order. Just click on the ad."


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