Friday, June 30, 2006

Geese Aplenty

Greg Howard’s Geese Aplenty managed better-than-average scores in every category, led by a high score for quality of writing.

“It is a decent blog with occasional very good posts. On the whole, I enjoy it.”

Geese Aplenty is different from post to post. Some posts are random comedy pieces while others are more ‘clever, daddy-blogger-like.’ That’s not a bad thing, but you have to read on a regular basis to catch the vibe.”

“Greg can be cute at times. He talks about everyday things and sometimes misses the mark with them. But, when he gets on a roll, he's hysterical. Post example? The reunion of the Breakfast Club post. I literally cried with laughter. I give him a ripe 7 for the hits. I'll ignore the misses.”

“Wide range of subjects, more or less relevant to the reader.”

“Cute, short posts about topics we can all relate to. I found myself reading several posts and chuckling out loud, while shaking my head in agreement.”

“Funny. Brief. Clever.”

DESIGN – 6.1
“Somehow I am developing an allergy to the great white space.”

“I'm not crazy about the template. Everything is shoved to the right and I am a left side sort of girl.”

“Clean design.”

“I would imagine some people are going to rip this design, but I don’t mind it. It’s simple. It’s tough to gripe about simple.”

“The quality of writing is fine, though sometimes, it is hard to keep track of Greg when he is talking in the third person. His narration is good. His spelling is fine. His punctuation? Not so much.”

“Funny stuff - especially the recent entry about blogs posting on Craigslist.”

“For some reason, Geese Aplenty reminds me of Defective Yeti. Both are good writers who seem to write for themselves more than to appease the fans. I like that.”

“I'd like to see more info on the front page - links, images, anything that would help me understand what makes the author tick, and possibly bond with him.”

“Lord, if I give Greg 10 cents a day for the rest of my life, will you somehow convince him to get rid of his Google ads that are at the immediate left of the beginning of his page? Please Lord. Answer my prayers.”

“No issues.”

“The Google ads don’t bother me that much. They’re much more tasteful than most blogs with ads.”

“Greg posts two or three times a week.”

“I would come back to visit this blog.”

“Probably not.”

“I am already more or less doing that.”

“Nah. It’s OK, but not that great. Maybe some other time.”


OVERALL – 76.6
“Overall, this site is pretty funny with excellent writing. The Breakfast Club post had me laughing out loud. The site design is very bland, however.”


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