Wednesday, June 21, 2006

-- Best of Blogs Awards --

The Best of Blogs Awards are difficult to write about.

On one hand, the "competition" became a contentious mess with dubious voting procedures and lots of middle school arguing.

On the other hand, no competition gave readers a greater opportunity to discover as many relatively unknown, but fantastic blogs.

The "Most Humorous Blog" category was won by Dead Guy. The Cartoon. AnonymousCoworker finished in second place with Blogography in third. Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy was initially awarded second place but a legitimate scoring error was discovered after the fact.

(Everyone makes mistakes and it was perhaps the most honorable thing the organizers did.)

Other finalists included: The Hot Librarian, Bifsniff Cartoons, Used Hack, Rockchild, Bloggin' Bizatch, and The Peevery.

When the finalists were announced, several commenters were upset that Karlababble was not included. Since Used Hack stopped blogging earlier this year, we have decided to add Karlababble to this discussion.

Unlike the 22 Bloggies semifinalists, we have decided to space out these reviews over the next few weeks instead of dumping all of them on you at once.

We'll review the first three blogs Thursday, Friday, and Monday, then settle into a once-a-week BoB review (every Monday) until all 10 blogs have been reviewed. It will take several weeks to have a BoB recap similar to the one below, but I think its important to highlight several types of blogs without getting bogged down with contests.

In the meantime, we will also take a look at some highly-rated blogs from Technorati, Yahoo, Top Blogs, past Bloggies nominees, and suggestions from our readers and reviewers.

(I had planned on also featuring some more blogs from the 2005 Weblog Awards humor/comics category, but the first and second place finishers -- also Bloggies nominees -- didn't fare so well with our reviewers. Most of the finalists are political blogs ... enough said.)

If you know of a blog you'd like to see reviewed, now is the time to send it in and get it on the list. It may take some time, but we'll consider any suggestions.


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