Friday, July 07, 2006

The Best Page In The Universe

I get the feeling most of our reviewers believe this really could be The Best Page In The Universe, if Maddox posted on a regular basis.

Of course, since Maddox is the “King of Not Posting,” it brought out some passionate responses from our reviewers ... not all of them as positive as this one.

“The first time someone told me about this site I read a couple of entries and then I was addicted. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I read every single post in the archive. Genius.”

“When Maddox actually bothers to write something, it's a solid 10. But all he's currently writing is promotional crap for his new book which knocks the score down a bit.”

“Maddox is the originator. There are hundreds of imitators, but none come close to the depravity that is The Best Page in the Universe.”

“Sometimes right on target, sometimes over the top, Maddox is always entertaining. He cracks me up. Then again, I'm not the brightest star in the sky either.”

“Amusing entries, loved the ‘How to Spot a Pedophile' bit.”

“The topics themselves are nothing exciting, so I had to take off for that. But I’ve got to admit; I think he's funny. So, points back for that.”

“The site needs to be updated a lot more often.”

“Some of the posts are very good; some are Internet classics. I cannot count the number of times I've been forwarded ‘Crappy Children's Art' by my co-workers. But, on the whole, I can't say I'm fascinated. A lot of times he's just being obnoxious for no reason.”

"I really should give this a 9 or 10, but it's just not fair to all the other people who post regularly. He's lucky to get a 8 from me."

DESIGN – 5.9
“The design itself is horrifying, and should probably get a 2. But I think that the crappy layout and graphics are intentional irony and wholly appropriate for the image Maddox is attempting to reinforce. He's so manly he doesn't need fancy design!”

“The ‘design’ hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. Harsh yellow on black? What genius thought that was a good idea?”

“I'm giving this a 10, even though there is almost no ‘web design.’ But that's what's so great about this site, it's all content.”

“While there were no ads or begging, I didn't enjoy the design much. It didn't seem like a blog as much as a Web site with random articles that don't get updated very often.”

“You can't get more simply than 100 yellow links on black. It's basic and boring but at least it's clean.”

“I truly hate navigating around this site. I am also not a big fan of Che.”

“I’m don’t like the extra clicks, but I think the Che Guevara/pirate-looking graphic is very distinctive. That graphic is Maddox. Nice branding.”

“Too black. I will give him a little credit for not having a zillion ads and not having sidebars! All that clicky crap is neatly arranged at the top and way down at the bottom so you're not subjected to it unless you're looking for it.”

“He may not write much any more, but Maddox is all quality all the time, and funny as hell. He loses a quality point because there's only so much self-promotional whoring I can take, no matter how well-written.”

“I give it a 7, only because of grammar. Several of my daily reads (blogs) are much better than this.”

“The entries are astonishingly funny and the grammar is spot-on.”

“I have to take a little off for spelling errors and grammar.”

“Don't even get me started. The quality of writing? Great. The grammar, not so much.”

“No advertising or pop-ups or annoying crap, but the black background and massive font is a headache to read. The lack of a Web feed is a serious flaw for any blog.”

“I don't want to hit on the subject line and read it.”

“The posts were too long. There was no where to post comments and you had to click through to read the posts. Is the title of the blog ironic or arrogant? Both maybe? Although, I don't like Cameron Diaz either. So, he's got something there.”

“He sells way too much stuff. In fact my children made me buy his book.”

“I have to take off points for the fact that you have to click to read the posts. I really really hate that. Not a lot of peeves here.”

“Extra clicks suck ass. Therefore, Maddox sucks ass!”

“Maddox almost never posts. The single point is based solely on reputation.”

“Sure, if Maddox bothered to post entries regularly.”

“No. Hated it.”

“Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. He doesn't update very frequently so it gets old pretty quick.”

“Yes, I think I would. Unfortunately, he doesn't post regularly.”

“No. Put up a complete fucking Web feed and I’ll think about it. He’s not worth checking on every day like some little kid or a fucking invalid! Do something for someone else, Maddox! If you're not going to post on a regular basis, put up a goddamn feed!”

OVERALL – 74.5
“You'd think that releasing a new book would cause Maddox to update his site with fresh material to entice people into wanting to buy his stuff. Instead, all anybody gets is stale (yet still amusing) entries and information about his book tour. Sad. Maddox used to be one of the blogging greats.”

“At first look, I did not want to like this blog. My initial reaction was that it would be terrible, and dark. But to my surprise, I found him to have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, which hit all the right notes for me. 'Idaho Blows' had me actually laughing out loud. He reminds me a little of my brother at times, which isn't necessarily good. I do have to admit that after a while the smartypants 'fuck you all' attitude of this blog would get really old.”


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