Monday, July 03, 2006

Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy

"Not posting" is all the rage and Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy is doing his best to become a master.

Fat Dude has only posted a few times since the Best of Blogs contest. Needless to say, this subject played a major role with many of our reviewers scores and comments.

"Really quite good fun. What a shame he appears to have stopped blogging. The content has a unique angle (rare these days) and this guy is really quite entertaining. Lots of his posts have subject matter I have never seen before."

"It does look like he's bored of his blog. The majority of posts in January were surrounding his inability to view his own blog which got a bit tiring after a while."

"The content was decent before he stopped posting, but not great."

"Life in New York, celebs, Jersey girls ... a variety of subjects, all very funny."

"The topics themselves are not really anything funny, but the way he presents them and the things he says cracks me up."

"I'm fascinated by the blogs that write about nothing but write it in such a way that I'm inclined to read it ... and actually laugh at what they wrote! Yay for that!"

"I find him kind of offensive and really have nothing positive to say. I don't like him. I don't find him funny. I don't think writing stories about being held hostage is amusing and I think he is a little too adolescent for my big girl discerning taste."

DESIGN – 7.1
"At first glance the design is really good – great colors, neat fonts, easy to read. The architecture of the site is appalling though and that does spoil it a bit, but the overall look and feel is great. Its easy on the eye, not overly cluttered and really quite clean."

"Nothing horrible, but nothing really unique either."

"Nice green background, good graphics. I liked the ever-changing profile/profile pic."

"I'm not real thrilled with the army green color itself, but overall the colors mesh nicely. The cartoon guy at the top, with the remote in the armchair and his hand in his pants, reminds me of my husband ... except with a shirt on."

"I kind of like his style of writing. It’s just difficult to get a good read because there’s just not much going on."

"He writes really well - excellent spelling and grammar."

"The posts are pretty funny and the grammar seems fine."

"I wasn’t impressed with either aspect. Several typos but he did mention he was writing without being able to see what he wrote? So maybe I should cut him a little slack. I think the things he said were funny, but they weren’t necessarily written well."

"Going back into his archives is really hard – his site navigation really sucks – but after persevering his content used to be really well written, funny and thought provoking."

"Huge pet peeves here. The architecture of the site is hideous. The calendar makes it impossible to view pre-June, the archives can only be accessed via the drop down with no idea of when they were created. I loathe categorization being the only way you can access previous content – blogging should always included dated archives."

"He needs to manage his comments against spam. Either delete the spam or don’t allow anonymous comments. Wading through his impossible to find archives was quite annoying because many of his comments were spam. I eventually stopped reading the comments. He doesn’t acknowledge the comments anyway."

"Infrequent posting is my No. 1 pet peeve."

"The sidebars were confusing to me. I like the quirkiness of them being rather cryptic but at the same time, it annoyed me because I didn't know what the heck he was talking about."

"According to the poll on his site, 22 percent of Fat Dude’s readers ‘hearts are empty’ and ‘no longer know what laughter is.’ Of course, the lack of posting means ‘jack shit’ to twice an many."

"He's only written six posts all year - the content is way stale by now."

"If he updated yes. I would stop checking after a while though – many blogs out there, why keep visiting one that's not updated."

"Not anymore. He seems to have abandoned his blog or gotten too busy with his gig at"

"Yes, if the guy started posting again."

"I wouldn't read it regularly because the most recent update is dated sometime in March!"

"Yes! Funny stuff."

"I would if he posted on it!"

"I might, but what's the point since he doesn't seem to post regularly."

OVERALL - 62.8
Aside from a handful of extremely low scores, most of our reviewers gave Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy relatively high marks across the board. The lack of posts hurt the overall perception of this blog for most reviewers.

"I loved Fat Dude, then he got married. I do not have a problem with that, per se, but when it happened he stopped posting on his blog. He will live in my heart forever, I suppose."

"I didn’t think this blog deserved to be a finalist for the BoBs because he had basically already quit blogging. He doesn’t post, so why should we care?"


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