Monday, July 10, 2006

The Hot Librarian

The Hot Librarian has a loyal readership who will probably hunt us all down and kill us, but the average cumulative score was pretty average.

"All and all, it’s a pretty decent blog. She doesn’t post a whole lot right now, but it’s relatively entertaining. I think most people will appreciate this blog more if they read it on a regular basis or dig into the archives to catch up."

"It’s like a long, rambling letter from a friend. Some days, that’s fine. Other days, you’d rather poke your eyes out with a spoon."

"Pretty funny writing. It's refreshing to read posts that aren't weighed down by some weekly ‘theme’ but are just the witty and irreverent writings of some female that's not afraid to talk about boobs and wieners."

"I like the story about Axe Man."

DESIGN – 7.0
"Too taupey."

"The side bar is a little cluttered at the bottom, but it's not too bad."

"A little plain."

"It's a Blogger template, and that automatically gives it some major knocks. The design doesn't really draw the eye to the posts or to anywhere for that matter. The posts are easy to read and the page isn't very crowded or overused so that's why the score isn't lower."

"I can see where some might find the rambling, improper English endearing, but it does nothing for me."

"Writing is witty and has the feel of 'flow-of-consciousness,’ which actually works for the author. Grammar is fine, although she does take some liberties to break up her sentences and posts."

"The posts are too long. Also, you know those little buttons that link to helpful sites like Blog Explosion, sites that allegedly help you generate a lot of random traffic to your blog? When I see more than 10 of those little buttons on a person's sidebar that really irks me. I took points off for that."

"I love that it didn't have ads!"

"Posts are too long."

"The Hot Librarian has been posting about once a week lately, but it used to be more. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt."

"No. I hate librarians."


"No, thanks."


"Probably not. It seems like too much of a man-hater blog."

OVERALL – 68.9
"This blog made me laugh out loud and wonder what the author was really like."


  • This blogger has made it so you have to be invited to read. I have seen several posts about how funny she is and since I lost regretsy, I need more laughs in my feed. Help me get invited?

    By Blogger MeetMrs.Robinson, at February 19, 2013 9:24 AM  

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